Where I go shooting, the target stands are sometimes less than usable.

I recently saw an article in gun rag about making a target stand out of PVC pipe, and made one for my self, with a few slight changes.

If you don't have a good stand, here's a cheap, yet excellent stand, that can easily be transported to the range, even in a car trunk.

First the parts:


As you can see, it consists of 7 pieces of 1 1/2 inch, schedule 40 PVC pipe. Each piece is 16 inches long, and they can all be made from one 10 foot section of 1 1/2 inch, schedule 40 PVC pipe.

Also needed are:
2 - Tees.
2 - 90 degree elbows.
2 - Caps.

Five pieces are glued together as in the example. The 2 upright pieces are not glued, but just slipped-fitted into the Tees to hold the wooden stakes.


The wooden stakes are 4 foot long and are just inserted into the uprights.

Here it is, ready to go.


I then staple a standard silhouette to the stakes.


If you are going to practice silhouette shooting, you are ready to go.


If you want to do some precision shooting or test your firearm for groups, you can just add a target to the cardboard.


Unless you are a really bad shot, you shouldn't harm any of the target pieces, except for the cardboard silhouette.

It is easily disassembled and fits back in the car trunk for the ride home.

Shooting is always fun, but it's even more so if you have good equipment.