I own a fine .22 rifle, the Ruger 10-22.

This is it.


It is a heavy barreled, Hammer Forged, with a laminated stock.

It is a great and very accurate shooter.

The Hammer Forged barrel has a great crown and the exterior of the barrel has a "swirl" type finish.


One of the secrets of accuracy with any rifle is to have a high quality scope.

This is mine.


It is a Leupold VARI-X II, 4 X 12 power, with adjustable parallux.


The parallux will adjust from Infinity down to 25 yards.

This is a big advantage for using a scope at fairly close ranges.

Most "squirrel hunting" ranges are 25 yards or less, and being able to focus at that yardage is a big plus.

Just a little advice for those that are interested... Always spend as much or more on your scope as you do on your rifle.

You will never be disappointed.

The barrel is free-floated all the way to the end of the stock, where it just slightly touches the barrel.

This seems to work well with this rifle.

We're going to try five different types of ammo today.

Left to right, they are:

Dynapoint 22 LR HP, a bulk cartridge that I have had a lot of luck with.
Remington Thunderbolt 22 LR High Speed.
Wolf 22 LR.
Remington 22 LR High Velocity Golden Bullet
Winchester Wildcat 22 High Velocity LR

.22 rifles tend to be "ammo sensitive" and either like or hate certain ammo.


I will be shooting at 25 yards today, further than most people think it is.

Why not further?

If I want to shoot at 100 yards, I'm going to be using a centerfire cartridge.

Here I am squeezing off a shot.


And here's the results. Five shot groups.

No called flyers, you get what you shot.

Group #1 - Thunderbolt - 1.18 inches
Group #2 - Remington Golden Bullet - .66 inches
Group #3 - Wolf - .209 inches
Group #4 - Wildcat - .181 inches
Group #5 - Dynapoint - .237 inches.

As you can see, this rifle, with the right ammo, can keep 'em on a dime all day long.


A great rifle. A beautiful day at the range. How you gonna beat it?

This is a reasonable range for a .22 rifle.