I participated in the "One MOA All Day Long Challenge" and placed in the SPR Division. It was a fun challenge.

But then Mark LaRue posted this in the thread:

Originally Posted By LaRue_Tactical:
Guys, we've gotten our sea legs under us and are really moving along enough now that I can get aggressive in promoting our MBT triggers. I am kicking off the big push by giving everyone on the list a complimentary MBT trigger ... you guys are doers, not talkers and I want you to get first-hand experience with the MBT Trigger. There will be a Father's Day sale featuring the MBT, but you worked for yours and it's costing you nothing.

Happy Father's Day.


How about that?

I sent in my information and waited for the package. It arrived yesterday.

It was in a nice container, along with installation instructions and included a nice LaRue cap.


I decided to install it on my most accurate AR-15, my heavy barreled DPMS.

My buddy Liem came over to help with the installation and photo records. (It's kind of hard to hold a camera and take pictures while doing gunsmithing.)

We followed the very good installation instructions included with the new trigger and had no problems at all.


Liem brought his trigger gauge.


And we tested the new trigger and it had about a 4.5 pound trigger pull.


This is actually kind of deceiving as the trigger "feels" much lighter when I was shooting it. It is a two-stage trigger, with about 2 pounds of pull on the take-up and another two pounds to break. It is very crisp and breaks cleanly.

Here is how the new trigger looks on the rifle.


I and the lovely wife headed to the range to see how it shot. Here I am on the rifle. It was 95 degrees today, but I had a big fan blowing on me.


Here is the smile of a guy that just shot a small group.


These are a couple of the kinds of groups I was shooting with the new trigger. 5 shot groups at 100 yards. It made shooting well a breeze.



1. The LaRue MBT was of extremely high quality and was easy to install.

2. It has a great trigger pull. Very crisp and sharp.

3. It will make a great rifle shoot even better.

4. It's fun to shoot stuff.

Thanks Mark for the great trigger.