I recently saw that our friends at Stag Arms had a target available on line that was like to old Battleship Game. Here's the target.


My old buddy Ted came to visit me and I told him to bring his Ruger .22 rifle and we were going to play a game. Just because you are in your late 60s doesn't mean that you can't still play games.

Ted and I went to the range and set up our .22 rifles. Here's Ted and his.

rifle prep

It is a very accurate Ruger 10-22 in a nice after market stock.

ruger rifle

We set up the targets at 50 yards, longer than you might think.

ruger rifle

We have learned through experience that it is awfully hard to beat Wolf Target Match ammo, so that's what we were shooting.

wolf target match ammo

Here I am on my rifle.


It was hot, but we brought a big fan to keep us from melting.

Mine is a pretty stock Ruger 10-22 that is almost unbelievably accurate. It has a Leupold scope.

ruger rifle

We took turns shooting at the battleships. Any shot that "touched" a circle was a "hit". It still wasn't as easy as you might think.

Here's an example of a target after shooting. I included one where we missed some shots, just to be fair.

Stag arms shooting practice

It was a lot of fun. Ted brought some targets home for him and his grandson to play the game.

Don't forget to make your range trips fun.

Because its fun to shoot stuff.