I recently saw an ad for the Zastava CZ999 9mm pistol. It was the first time I had seen one and it looked interesting. I did an Internet search for the best price and was not surprised to see that our friends at AIM had the best price. They listed them for $289.95. I ordered one.

Here are the listed features.


• Single or Double action.

• Double-stack detachable high capacity 15rd magazine.

• Ambidextrous controls.

• Loaded chamber indicator.

• Sights are square, with white dots and they facilitate aiming at low visibility conditions.

• The slide is made of high quality alloy steel. • The frame is made of high quality aluminum alloy.

• Grips are made of high impact polymer.

• Standard finish is phosphate and enamel on aluminum parts, while the steel parts are blued.

It arrived and I was very happy with the look of this pistol. It looks a lot like a Sig Sauer style pistol. Let's look at it up close.

It came with 2 fifteen round magazines.


It is both double and single action, with a de-cocker. It does not have a magazine disconnect, which I like, as I consider them unnecessary.


The pistol has a three dot sight system. The sights are large and well built.


To disassemble, you make sure the pistol is unloaded and remove the magazine. Double check to be sure it is unloaded.

Pull the slide to the rear and engage the slide lock.

Then turn the disassembly lever 90 degrees and release the slide and it will come off of the front of the pistol frame.




Remove the spring and lift the barrel out of the slide and it is ready for cleaning.


I cleaned it up and also polished the fed ramp a little. I did not expect any feeding problems but always find that a polished feed ramp will do no harm.


Doing all that in reverse will reassemble the pistol.

The piece has a lanyard attachment point.


Well, it was time to go shooting.

Here is the piece next to a Browning Hi Power for size comparison.


I loaded the pistol up with ball ammunition and ran a few magazines through it.

I tried some JHP ammo to see if it would feed JHPs. I also ran some truncated cone rounds through it.

It ran all of them without a bobble. You can't beat 100%.

I shot both single action and double action without a hitch.

The lovely Mrs. Young_Painless was with me and wanted to try it.


She liked it so much that I might be out of a pistol.

I shot a couple of hundred rounds through it with no problems.


My lovely wife caught a nice picture of an empty in the air.


It shot to point of aim and was plenty accurate.

And the evidence of a good day at the range.....A bunch of empty brass.


This is a very nice pistol. Great ergonomics. Accurate. Easy to manipulate. Ran 100%. And plenty accurate.

How are you going to beat that for less than $300?

I highly recommend it.