My grandson Levi is 7 years old. He has been showing an interest in going hunting with his Mom and Dad, and so we know what that means.

He needs a rifle.

I surprised him this Christmas with his own rifle. I had been looking for a good used rifle to work over and fix up for him, but while looking for just the right rifle, I had stumbled on this fine specimen.


It is an almost brand new Ruger 10-22. It is very clean, from a pawn shop. I bought it and me and my buddy Ted took it all apart and cleaned it really well. I had not been shot very much at all. We oiled it up, I cleaned up a few spots on the stock, and it was ready to go.

I drilled a hole in the butt of the stock and put a note from me to Levi for him to find some day.



The note tells him how much I love him, gave him some advice, and I gave him a Scripture.

All our family gathered early for the "Old_Painless Family Christmas" and the kiddos all got their new stuff. I waited until everyone was done with opening their presents and then gave Levi this small package.


He opened it up and I asked him did he know what it was. He said, "Looks like bullets."

I asked him if he had a rifle to shoot them with.

He said, "No sir."

I said, "Then you had better look under the couch."

He drug out his new "old" rifle and was thrilled. Uncle Ted had even thrown in a new 25 round magazine.


He and I are going to go shooting in the next week or so and let him try it out.


Any Christmas where a boy gets a new firearm is a good Christmas.

Merry Christmas, friends.