A friend of the Box O' Truth recently sent me a note and asked if I had ever tried a pistol called the SCCY Model CPX2, which is a small 9mm pistol.

I was not familiar with it, but I connected with the fine folks at SCCY Industries and they agreed to kindly send me a sample to evaluate.

I got the pistol yesterday.

Here it is in the box.

Here it is in the box.​

It comes with two 10-round magazines, and each has a "finger groove" butt plate on the magazine.


But both mags also have a flat butt plate in case the shooter would prefer this type of mag plate which can make a pistol a little easier to conceal.

They are easy to change out.


The pistol also has a child-proof trigger lock with two keys.

It is a small pistol and only weighs 15 ounces.

I took it to the range this morning to try it out.

My buddy doc540 met me there to help me with the shoot.

We compared it to my KelTec P-11 9mm pistol.


It is very close in size and shape.

The slides are also very close in size.

The CPX2 model which I tested does not have an external safety.

But their Model CPX1 has an external safety if desired.


The trigger is a long "revolver type" trigger pull.

It is not too heavy and pulls almost all the way to the back before the trigger breaks.

Some pistols with this type of trigger have a trigger that "loads up" and gets heavier and heavier as you pull it to the rear.

This one is nice and smooth and does not load up at all. It makes the trigger seem like a double action revolver trigger.

The pistol fills up your hand just fine.


There is plenty of room to get a good two-hand grip on the piece.


Here I am running the pistol.

Here I am running the pistol.​

It shot to point of aim and was plenty accurate.

I even let doc run it for a while.

He shot it just fine.

He shot it just fine.​

The magazines were pretty stiff and I found it difficult to load more than 6 rounds in them, probably because the springs were so new and stiff.

But Steve had a magazine loader called an UpLULA loader.


It enables you to press the top round down and load the next round without any problems.

The mags loaded easily and the pistol ran without a single problem or failure.


When I got home I disassembled the pistol for cleaning.

You just lock back the slide and then use a screw driver to remove the take-down pin.

It came out without any problem.


Then the pistol breaks down into these parts to allow cleaning.

Re-assembly is just the reverse.


All in all, this seems to be a well-made and well-functioning pistol in a major caliber.



MSRP for this stainless model is only $339 and the carbon steel model is only $299. Reports are that they can be found for even less if you look around.

If you are looking for a small pistol in 9mm, this one looks like a fine shooter.

Thanks to doc540 for the photo help. It's fun to shoot stuff.