Me and my son went to the range this morning.

There was a little breeze so it wasn't too hot.

I shot my Remington VLS .308 with the new Kahntrol muzzle brake that I installed a couple of weeks ago.


I shot 5, five-shot groups as per the contest currently going on here.

This contest separates the wheat from the chaft.

A lot of folks "say", "I can shoot sub MOA groups with my rifle all day long."

But they are mistaken. It is much harder to actually shoot 5, five-shot groups that average less than an MOA. I personally "believe" that fewer that 5% of Arfcommers can do it repeatedly.

Easy to "say", hard to do.

Here's my target for today.

Here's my target for today. An average of .556 MOA.​

My son Abel tried his luck with my Savage .223 rifle.

It was his first time on the rifle, and he is right handed, but left eye dominate.

So, he shoots left handed.


But he shot pretty well for a new shooter.

Here's his group.

About a 2 inch group.

He was proud of it, and so was I.



As Col. Townsend Whelen famously noted, "Only accurate rifles are interesting."

These two rifles are interesting.

And it was fun to shoot stuff.