I decided to go to Houston today to visit the NRA Meeting being held in the George Brown Convention Center. I even took my lovely wife along to take pictures for me. I thought you guys might enjoy seeing what was there.

There were no parking spaces available on the street so we had to pay to park in a parking lot. It cost $30 to park.

I told her that if my old buddy Tman had been with me, he would have turned around and gone home before paying such an outrageous price.


Once inside, I was amazed at how big it was this year.

It is difficult to even show a picture of the whole show, but here is a tiny slice of it.


There were a few "Stars" like the Gunny at the Glock booth.


The best part was that I got to "monkey finger" a bunch of interesting guns.

I found a Kimber 1911 that I liked.


They also had a nice little 9mm that would make a great carry gun.


Mossberg had a Thunder Ranch bolt action rifle that was nice.


Smith & Wesson had their wall of beautiful wheel guns.

Prices were over $1 Grand each.


There were lots and lots of black rifles of various brands.


I played around with a Sig that I really liked.


I also looked at a Savage 12/TR Target Rifle in .308 that sure would look nice in my safe next to my .223 Savage.


The Duck Dynasty truck was there with some neat duck themed camo on it.


My wife found this old VW with a mini-gun mounted through the roof that she liked.

I could have really used it to clear out the traffic jams in Houston today.


We also saw some amazing mounted deer racks.



iIf you get a chance, don't miss the show. I even met up with a few Arfcomers. It was well worth the trip