A while back I posted about a Savage .223 bolt gun that I had bought.

I was very impressed by the quality and the accuracy of the rifle.

Savage had very deviously sent me a catalog of their products and I saw one that caught my eye.

It is the Savage Mark II BSEV .22 Long Rifle (LR) bolt action rifle.

Here it is.

Here it is.​

It is a very sharp looking rifle IMHO.

It has a cut-out stock made from laminated wood.


It is very comfortable to shoot with and is rock solid and very stable.


The barrel is stainless steel and has a nice swirl pattern to the fluting.

As you can also see, the barrel is completely free-floated.


The crown in nicely recessed to protect it from damage.


I decided to pull out all stops and put an excellent scope on the rifle to see just how much accuracy I could squeeze out of it.

The scope is the Leupold VX-3, 6.5 X 20 X 40 scope.

It has Fine Duplex Reticule and also has a 30 mm tube.


It also has a Focus Knob on the side of the scope.


The rifle has the excellent Accutrigger which has an extremely good and light trigger pull.


It also has a 5 round detachable magazine, which worked 100% reliably.


My buddy the Chief came down for a few days visit and brought one of his super-accurate .22 rifles.

Here's his.

Here's his.​

It is a customized Ruger 10-22 and is a really nice one.

It has a laminated wood, custom stock.

It also has a Volquartsen trigger group.


It has a Green Mountain Match barrel and a Volquartsen muzzle brake.


He has a Simmons 6 X 18 scope on the rifle.


Time for some shooting. We will be shooting at 50 yards today.

Here I am on my rifle.

Here I am on my rifle.​

And here's Chief on his.

And here's Chief on his.​

Here are some of the 50 yard groups.

Here are some of the 50 yard groups.​

This is two groups, one with Wolf Match ammo and the other with Federal Match ammo.

Notice how much higher the Federal hit on the target with the same point of aim.

You will also notice that the Federal ammo didn't group nearly as well as the Wolf. Our experience is that different rifles "like" different .22 ammo.

But we've never seen a .22 that didn't "Like" Wolf ammo. It is IOHO, the best ammo available in .22 LR.

Here is a typical 5 shot group from my rifle.

Here is a typical 5 shot group from my rifle.​

Here's one with Remington Target ammo.

Here's one with Remington Target ammo.​

And another with Wolf.

And another with Wolf.​

And another.

And another.​

Here's one of Chief's best for the day.

Here's one of Chief's best for the day.​

We then moved to the 100 yard range to just see what they would do at that range.

It was very windy and not the best day for long range .22 shooting.

I had to come up 32 clicks to get the POI to get close to the POA.

Here's the group.

Here's the group.​

Not too bad for 100 yards on a windy day.

Certainly good enough to give a varmint a bad day.


All in all, I am very happy with my new .22 rifle. It is extremely well made and very accurate. I will enjoy shooting it.

It's fun to shoot stuff.