Went to the range this fine morning and shot my .455 Webley revolver.

It is a fine piece of history.

It is marked "N.Z." for New Zealand.

It was converted to .45 Auto Rim to facilitate the use of .45 ACP ammo.

This is it.


Not very beautiful, but, as Forrest would say, "Pretty is as pretty does".

It shoots great.

The design is a break-open design.

You push down on the latch and the cylinder and barrel pivot forward to allow loading and unloading.

This is it, open and loaded.


After firing, you push the latch and pivot the barrel forward and as the cylinder moves forward, the empties are ejected.


You can load standard .45 ACP rounds by using 2, or 3, or even 6 round "clips".

This is required because the .45 ACP is "rimless" and cannot be loaded into this revolver without a rim or clip.

(We don't get away with correctly saying clips very often. Clips, clips, clips, clips.)

These are some rounds loaded into the 2 and 3 round clips.


I prefer to use another round, the .45 Auto Rim.

This is a round designed to replace the clips, by having a rim that is as thick as a standard .45ACP and the clip.

You can see what I'm talking about in this photo (left to right) of a three round clip, the .45 Auto Rim, and a .45 ACP.


How does it shoot? Great!

Here I am on our Cowboy Action Range shooting at some buffalo at about 25 yards.


Here I am shooting at a Christmas tree of metal targets.

Tman caught me in full recoil.

My reloads are .454 caliber 255 grain SWCs, over some 231 powder.

They shoot right to point of aim.

They are accurate, so it seems the .455 barrel handles them just fine.

A beautiful day at the range, and I thought you fellows might like to enjoy it with us.