I just returned from the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas and thought you guys might enjoy seeing some of the new stuff we saw there.

I went with my friends Ted, Boyd, and Liem. We had a great time and walked about a hundred miles.

It is difficult to show just how big this show really is. Here's a picture.

But that is one small area, and the whole show covers acres and acres. It is huge and it is almost impossible to see everything there in only a few days.


The first thing I did was to look up my buddy Brianksain at AmericanSnipers.org.


They had a big main table and 4 other tables at some vendor's booths.

They sold this display…

They also sold other things such as Challenge Coins and all the money made will be used to supply the snipers over in the sandbox with things to make their jobs easier and more effective.

I also stopped by the AR15.com Media Room and shot the bull with Juan, Edward, and Jorge Avila. A bunch of great guys!


Well, let's look at some guns.

First, I saw the new Mossberg Tactical Lever Action rifle and knew you boys would want to see one up close and personal.


Sig Sauer had some very nice guns at the show.

Here's a 1911 Fastback Nightmare. Very nice.


They had a bunch of new and different models.


But here's the one I fell in love with.

But here's the one I fell in love with.​

The Sig 1911 Spartan with Molon Labe on the slide and grip panels along with a Spartan helmet.

I shall have one of these.

They had several other beautiful 1911 pistols such as this 1911 TTT model.


I also loved this Sig, a 1911 Fastback Nitron.


I would really love a Model 210 Legend, but look at that MSRP.


Savage had some really nice .22 and .22 Magnum rifles.

Their triggers are almost unbelievable.


Colt had a .38 Special pistol on display that was beautiful.


It will be auctioned and the proceeds used for the USA Shooting Team.


Of course, they also had a large selection of their very fine AR-15 rifles on display.


Ruger had some nice AR-15s on display.


I also played with their new SR-22 which is a smooth little .22 semi-automatic pistol.


At the Smith and Wesson booth, they had the actual Model 29 that Dirty Harry carried in The Enforcer.

It was pretty beat up.


Their new Model 29s were beautiful.


I also was impressed with this Model 325 in .45 ACP.

What a smooth pistol!


We found a new manufacturer of pistols called Caracal.

They had a very nice semi-automatic pistol that is soon coming out to the market.


It is also available with a special sighting system with the rear sight moved towards the front of the pistol.

This seems awkward at first, but when you look down the sights, it is amazing how quickly they line up with the target.

They want to send me one to do an evaluation, so I will be reporting on how well they work when I get a chance.


STI International had some nice looking pistols.

Here's a Lawman 5.0.


And an Eagle high capacity pistol.


Glock has introduced a couple of additional models in their Generation 4 such as this Model 34.


The Gunny was at the Glock booth and Boyd got his picture made with him.


There are lots of "famous" type folks walking around.

Boyd also had his picture made with Sam Davis, a Medal of Honor recipient.


Liem played around with a .50 BMG, one of the few guns he doesn't own.



And he also played around with a Dillon minigun.

I would sure to hate to have to supply him ammo for that thing.


Cimarron had a fine display of their reproduction rifles.


Here Boyd got a picture of some of these nice guns.

Here Boyd got a picture of some of these nice guns.​

Kimber had a lot of beautiful 1911 pistols.

Here's a Super Custom Carry.

Here's a Super Custom Carry.​

And here's a picture of the top strap of the pistol with some grooves cut into the top.

And here's a picture of the top strap of the pistol with some grooves cut into the top.​

Don't know how functional they would be, but they looked neat.

And here's Ted drooling over a bunch of Kimber pistols.

And here's Ted drooling over a bunch of Kimber pistols.​


Well, that only scratches the surface of all we saw, but that is some of the highlights.

Wish you all could have been there.