Recently, my friend hi_capacity sent me a note and told me he had a Beretta Storm Carbine, if I would be interested in shooting it.

I told him I sure was and asked how far away he lived. It turned out that he only lives about 75 miles from me (in Texas, that is what we call "right around the corner" )

So, we agreed to meet at the Golden Triangle Gun Range the next Monday.

Hi_Capacity, also known as Jeff, showed up right on time and brought his carbine with him.


His carbine is in 9mm and he has installed a forward vertical grip, a red dot scope, and a light on his weapon.

He plans to use it as a home defense gun.

The barrel is thin to keep the weapon light in weight.


It takes Beretta FS-92 magazines.


The Safety is located above the trigger and is easy to operate.


The bolt release is located slightly behind and above the grip area and can be operated with the shooting hand thumb.


The rear sight has a Short Range aperture and a Long Range aperture, and can also be folder completely out of the way if desired.


The front sight can be lowered out of the way.


and can be raised easily with a screw driver.


Jeff had installed a red dot sight on the carbine, but had not sighted it in yet.

So, the first thing we did was set up a target at 50 yards and adjust the red dot sight.

It didn't take too long.


Here I am on the carbine.

Here I am on the carbine.​

It shoots really well, with hardly any recoil at all.

The trigger is nice and crisp.

Jeff then got on the carbine and shot a couple of groups.

They were respectable for a no-magnification scope at 50 yards, and well within the 5X ring.


Jeff has a light mounted on the rail for low-light situations, a necessity in my opinion for a home defense weapon.


Of course, with a little carbine like this, the real fun is not shooting off the bags, but standing on your hind legs and blasting away.


And while we were at the range, I let Jeff shoot my Shiloh Sharps .45-70 Long Range Express. He seemed to be impressed.

It had a little more "thump" than the 9mm carbine.

And, as a side note, meeting Jeff was a real pleasure, as meeting any member of has always been for me.



The carbine ran well and was easy to operate. If you are interested in a pistol caliber carbine, the Beretta Storm is a fine system. Give it a look.

Many thanks to Hi_Capacity for the range trip and letting me shoot his carbine.