I was headed to the range by myself today, as my usual shooting buddy had gone fishing. My wife asked if she could tag along and take some pictures. I said, "Sure!"

My wife is an amateur photographer and likes to take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. She said I could shoot the guns and she would shoot the camera. When we arrived at the range, she took this one of me, half way to the target stands to put up some targets.

I saw a bunch of 9mm brass on the ground. More on this later.


I set up some targets and started shooting my FAL.

I really enjoy shooting this rifle.

It is a fine battle rifle.


I was shooting some military ball that Tman and I bought years ago.


It is a mixed bag of many different kinds of military ball and lots of different head stamps.

It is not especially accurate, unless you would separate it by head stamp.

But we bought it cheap, $60 per thousand IIRC, in ammo cans.


Here's a ten shot group.

Not too good, but not bad for mixed ammo.


Of course, this ammo is not match ammo, but is just fine for blasting away and drying up mud holes.


I then tried some South African military ball, which is better ammo.


Here's the 10 shot group with that ammo.


While I was doing my thing, the wife took some "artsy" photos of the FAL.


And here.


A week ago I watched the great old movie "Winchester '73" with Jimmy Stewart.

It is one of the few movies where both the title and hero in the movie is a rifle.

I decided to take out my .32-20 Winchester '73 and stretch its legs today.

Here I am, shooting away.


I have learned to only load 5 rounds or so at a time as not to over-stress the magazine spring, as it is weak.


I have also learned a trick to catch the empty brass as it is ejected, so I don't have to pick them up off the ground.


It is an old, worn rifle, with hardly any rifling, but it still shoots pretty good.


Here's a group of ten shots at 50 yards.

Not bad for a 128 year old rifle.


It is still lots of fun to shoot.


After I finished, Mrs. Young_Painless helped me pick up all that 9mm brass.

About 200 rounds I imagine.


Of course, she also took pictures of wild flowers at the range.

And here.

All in all, a fine day with the lovely wife and a fun day at the range.