The "gun community" is unlike other folks. It is made up of some very fine people.

Last year at the SHOT Show, I had the pleasure to meet Billmanweh and visit with him for a short time. Recently he sent me an IM and said, "I'm getting a new XDM-9, 5.25 pistol. Would you like to test it for one of your Box O' Truth posts?" I said, "Sure" and sent him my FFL's information. He shipped me the pistol.

Now, except for gun folks, where else would you find people that would ship someone they had only known on a gun forum a $700 item?

Gun folks are good folks.


Here it is, in the box.

Isn't that a fine looking set-up?

The system includes the pistol, three high-capacity magazines, a holster, a magazine holster, three interchangeable backs for the grips, a lock, extra sight inserts, and a magazine loader.

All in a high-quality case.


Let's look at the pistol first.

It is a big gun, but it is made to run hard.

It reminds me of my CZ Shadow or my Glock 34.

Here they are from top to bottom, the Glock 34, the XDM-9, and the CZ Shadow.

They are all "big" guns, and are heavy, especially when the magazines are fully loaded.

The XDM-9 has a 19 round mag and with a loaded chamber, that is 20 rounds of problem solvers.


It is listed as a "MATCH" pistol on the chamber.


It has an excellent high visibility front sight, like the Shadow.

If you have never used a pistol with high rez sights, they are really superb.


Here it is next to my Shadow, which has the same type of sights.


They even supplied some extra inserts for the front sight, in two colors.


It also has a cut-out on the top of the slide, like the Glock 34.


The rear sight is adjustable and even has very fine grooves cut into the back of the sight to reduce glare.

It is extras like that which make these pistols top quality pistols.

The trigger is a "Minimal Reset" trigger, with the least amount of travel and reset of any production pistol on the market today.

It is very crisp and a pleasure to shoot.


The pistol has a loaded chamber indicator.

It sticks up when there is a round in the chamber.


It also has a "Cocked" indicator on the rear of the slide.

It sticks out when the pistol is cocked.


And does not stick out when the pistol is not cocked.


The holster is well made and works great.


The mag holster is also well made and holds the mags securely.


To dissemble the pistol for cleaning, you first make sure the mag is out and the chamber is empty.

Then you check it again.

Then pull the slide to the rear and engage the slide stop.


Then push the disassembly lever upwards.


Now the slide will come off of the pistol.


Remove the spring and the barrel and you have field stripped the pistol for cleaning.

It is as simple as can be.


The magazines are stainless and if you have never used stainless mags you will be amazed at how this improves the ability to drop and insert mags.


The magazine release is ambidextrous and works in either direction.


Well, I can't stand it anymore. Let's go to the range.

Here it is next to a standard XD-9.


The pistol fits my hands like it was made for me.

A heavy pistol like this is a pleasure to shoot.

We ran both Winchester White Box and Blazer ammo through the pistol.


My buddy Vern has smaller hands than I do and he found the trigger to be a long reach for him.

He might benefit from changing the backstrap to a thinner insert.

That's what they are made for.


Here's one of my groups, at 7 yards.

I would need to adjust the POI for me if it were my pistol.

It was so terribly hot that I wasn't doing my best shooting.

I believe the pistol is capable of better groups than this.

All in all, a fine pistol.

It ran 100% and shot well.

Many thanks to Billmanweh for the loan of the pistol. It was a pleasure to shoot.