Today we will be looking at a Tree Rest made by Montie at www.Montiegear.com This rest is made from very lightweight aluminum and weighs only 8.5 ounces. It is a simple, yet very sturdy design. It can be disassembled to lay completely flat for storage or for fitting into your pack.


But the top can be easily placed on the rest like this…


It can then be strapped to a tree or post with the strap. This strap is long enough to fit around any tree up to 17 inches in diameter. We were able to lock it very tightly to the tree and it was very solid. The rifle can be rested on this stable platform to assure a steady rest. Of course, it could be used as a rest when standing, kneeling, sitting, or even prone, depending on where it is strapped to the tree.


One common mistake some folks make is to place the barrel of the firearm on a rest.


This will usually work out okay, but it does not usually give the best results, as it can disturb the vibration of the rifle barrel and open groups.


A better method is to rest the fore end of the stock on the rest, and let the barrel "float".


This will usually result in better groups.


My old buddy Vern is a big deer and hog hunter, and he plans on trying this rest as soon as he can. He often sits at the base of a tree and still hunts. This will give him a very light weight and stable rest to shoot from.

Quality and well-made products are not "cheap". This rest lists for $59.96. But it is a quality product and would surely last a life time. If you need a good portable tree rest, give this one a look.