My friend Liem told me that he had a new rifle and wanted to go shooting.

So this morning, we bundled up and went to the range.

He has an MSAR STG 556 carbine.

Here it is.


It is an American made carbine that looks a lot like a Steyr Aug.

It weighs in at 7.2 pounds.

It is a fine looking piece of equipment and I was looking forward to shooting it.

It uses a proprietary see-through magazine that holds 20 rounds.

Both 30 and 40 round mags are also available.


It has a 1.5X optical sight mounted on it, with a post-type reticule.


It has a very effective muzzle brake on the barrel.

This barrel is 22 inches long, compared to a 16.5 inch barrel on my Colt AR-15, but due to the bull-pup style build, the total length of the STG is only 31.5 inches compared to 34 for the Colt.


It can be set up to eject the empty cases either to the right or the left, depending on the shooter's desires.


Disassembly is fairly simple, as you push in a disassembly button and the action slides out of the stock.


Here the bolt is easy to see.


It has a large, easy to work charging handle.


As is usual with the bull-pup design, all controls and both hands are close together.


Here's Liem running the rifle standing.

It functioned perfectly.


Here's a group of military ball ammo from the bench at 50 yards.


I found the rifle very comfortable to shoot.

It pointed very naturally.

Here I am shooting a group off the bench.


And here's my group with Federal Match ammo.


We took time to shoot my 1903 A3 rifle and some of my handloads.

Here's Liem shooting.


And here's his 5 shot group.

Not bad.


I also brought my Colt H-BAR with my ACOG 3.5X scope.

Liem tried at it 50 yards with some of my handloads.


And here's his group of 8 shots, 7 of them in the same hole.

I gave the target to him and told him to take it home and hang it on the refrigerator.


The length-of-pull seemed long on the STG to me, so we measured and compared the AR-15 and the STG 556.

The AR-15 had a LOP of 13.5 inches.


The STG had a LOP of 15 inches.


I also liked the front grip on the STG.

It folds up for bench shooting.


And folds down and locks in place for moving and shooting.


The STG 556 is a fine little rifle and ran 100% for us today.

It was a natural pointer and a pleasure to shoot.


I was very impressed and appreciate Liem letting us see one up close.