You folks may remember that I recently got a Ruger Blackhawk in .30 Carbine.

Here it is.

I had acquired it at a gun show and it was used, but still in nice condition.

I made a post about it and it shot well at fairly close range.

But to get it to hit to close to point-of-aim, I had to lower the rear sight as far as it would go, and it was still hitting a little high.

I recently shot it off of a new gun rest I was testing, the AR-Rest.

Here's a pic.

I shot groups at 25 yards and was disappointed to see that it was hitting 6 to 8 inches high at that distance.

I also shot it at 100 yards, and it was hitting a couple of feet high.

I couldn't lower the sights any more, so I was stuck.

I sent an e-mail to Ruger explaining the problem.

They told me to ship it to them for repair.

Now, as you may know, Ruger does not have a written guarantee policy.

But I had heard that they were very good about repairing any problems with one of their firearms.

I had to send it UPS Air Overnight, because of the thieves at UPS.

But I sent it anyway.

That was about 2 week s ago.

Today, I got a package from Ruger and it was my pistol.

Here it is.

They had replaced the rear sight with another new sight, installed a new, higher front sight, and replaced the old worn grip panels with brand new ones, all at no charge.


Here's another view.


I swear that it looks like they even polished the hammer and touched-up a few dings in the bluing.

The front of the cylinder looked like it was also re-blued, and the whole pistol looks like a brand new one.

All this was done at no cost.

How you gonna beat it?

Update: I took it to the range and it is perfectly regulated for 50 yards, and the rear sight has plenty of adjustment left.

Very satisfied with it.


I am mighty satisfied with their service and wanted to share it with you folks. Ruger makes some fine handguns. Ruger is a good company to do business with and they stand behind their products.

I couldn't have asked for better service.