In part one we looked at a couple of bags that can be used for rifles. In this one, we will be looking at a bag that is used for magazine-fed rifles and/or pistols.

This is the X7 Bullsbag Advantage system.

The "X7 Shooting Rest Complete SYSTEM (7 Bag Set) (Filled)", costs $162.95.

It weighs approximately 29 pounds when filled with cat litter.

It has four smaller bags in the two sides, which are shorter rifle rests and owl/rabbit ear style rests.

The top of the system swivels for use in blinds.

Let's look at some of the configurations that can be used.


It uses the same method of squeezing the rifle between two bags to give a steady rest.

But it is actually a 7 bag system to allow greater flexibility.

Here it is when all together.


The top is held in place with a Velcro strap and can be removed.


But each side of the rest has a zippered pouch that holds two bags.


One of the bags is a rectangular bag and the other is the owl/rabbit style bag.e110-5

These two bags can be used like a standard front and rear rifle bag system, if desired.


But if the system is left as a complete system, it is taller than their other bag systems and is made to accommodate a magazine fed rifle.


And by spreading the lower bags, it will grip the rifle tightly for shooting from the bench.


Let's see how it shoots at 50 yards.


Here's the 5 shot group.

Not bad.


Some folks have asked me to demonstrate how to shoot a pistol from a rest for testing sights and ammo.

This system allows this to be easily done.

One method is to place the butt of the pistol directly on the bag to shoot, like this.e110-11

But I feel a more stable platform is to support both the butt of the pistol and the barrel on separate bags, like this.


I was shooting my buddy Ted's new S&W Model 57, .41 Magnum.

It is a beautiful pistol.

Here's five rounds at 25 yards.

Not bad for old eyes.


One thing to be aware of is that shooting like this on bags will cause the burnt powder that escapes from the cylinder / barrel gap to burn the bags, like this.

These bags are covered with a very tough material and were not harmed.

But light weight cotton bags can be damaged by such shooting.

Be aware of this if you use other bags.


This bag system is very versatile, and can be used in many ways.

One way is to turn the bottom of the bag sideways and drape it over the front of a deer blind and turn the top 90 degrees for shooting, like this.


Where it is legal to shoot varmints from a vehicle, the bag can even be used over a mirror, like this.


Of course, the main versatility of the bag is that it can be used anywhere as a steady rest, such as the trunk or hood of a vehicle.


1. The X7, 7 in 1 system is very versatile.

2. It can be used for any rifle on the bench, and is especially useful for magazine-fed rifles, such as an AR15.

3. It can be used in many combinations to shoot different kinds of firearms.

4. It is very handy as a field expedient rifle rest.

5. It is an excellent pistol rest for precise shooting.

6. It is easy to transport and is as tough as nails.

I was very impressed with this system.

7. Shooting stuff is fun.