Last week Tman and I went to Oklahoma to visit some military museums.

We had heard about a gun museum called the "J. M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum" and it was supposed to be "pretty good".

We were amazed!

This is Tman at the front.


Mr. Davis collected firearms for 78 years.

He owned a hotel and apparently people nearby knew that he would buy any firearm that was for sale.

So, they brought him boatloads and he bought them all.

The museum is located in Claremore, Oklahoma. It is exceptional.

This is Tman and the guide in the museum.

Notice the great displays.


Every type of gun was represented.

There were rows upon rows of displays.


Here's one display of S&W revolvers.

There were many like it.


Anyone recognize this one?

Hint: Unintended Consequences.


You could look up any gun that you have ever knew of.

Here's a picture of the gun my Dad let me shoot as a boy and the reason that I am nearly deaf.

An H&R .22 revolver. (No hearing protection.)


Here's a display of Daisy BB Guns.

The lower right one is the one that I shot about two dumptruck loads of BBs through.


These are Tman and I near a Gatling gun.


There were many interesting oddities.

Here's a Model 1917 converted to a .220 Swift Bullpup.


American WWII automatic weapons.


German WWII weapons.


Many will recognize a Sturmgewehr.

But how about the gun below it?


There was no way for me to capture the size of this museum.

It had over 20,000 items displayed.

It covers over 40,000 square feet of space.


And the amazing thing is that the guide said that the majority of the guns are still in the back and not even on display.

I took this picture through a glass into a room where many un-displayed guns are stored.


If you guys are ever near Claremore, OK, don't miss this museum.

It took us almost all day and we only "skimmed" the exhibits.

It was great!