I have an old .22 rifle that I have had for a long time.

I believe I paid about $20 for it many years ago. It was in pretty rough shape, with the stock all beat up and most of the stock finish gone. But although it was an ugly duckling, I kind of like ugly ducklings, as I like to turn them into swans.

It is a Remington Model 510, Targetmaster. It is a single shot, bolt action, .22 rimfire rifle.

I took it apart and cleaned it up and refinished the stock.

It turned out pretty nice.

Here it is.


I mounted a Tasco 3 X 9 scope on it and it works great.

It is clearly marked Targetmaster, Model 510 on the barrel.

It is also marked ".22 Short, Long, Long Rifle", and will shoot all sizes of .22 rimfire ammo.


When you open the bolt, there is a tray to place the ammunition on…


And you just drop it on the tray and it will feed right into the chamber.


When the rifle is cocked, there is a red cocking indicator that sticks out of the rear of the bolt.


The barrel is longer than most barrels that are sold nowadays, at about 24 inches.

That doesn't necessarily make it more accurate, but does make it a little quieter.

The crown is unchanged from original condition, and while not "crisp", it seems to be good enough.


Today, we took it to the range for a little shooting session.


I was shooting some CCI Minimag .22 Long Rifle Hollow Point ammunition.

This is not usually the most accurate ammo we shoot, but this rifle seems to like it just fine.


Here I am having some fun.


And here's a five shot group at 50 yards.

I was aiming at the top left corner of the black square.

I believe that would give a squirrel an ear ache.

These old rifles are still shooters and are a joy to shoot, as they tend to hit what you aim them at.


There's a lot to love about these fine old rifles.