Some negative comments require me to make some clarifications regarding the Box O' Truth experiments.
  • I am not a high dollar laboratory. I use "poor-boy" test methods.
  • While I try to maintain some scientific soundness in my tests, they are certainly not "scientifically perfect".
  • To have "scientifically perfect" tests would involve many, many controls and repeatability issues. I have neither the time, money, nor inclination to do such tests.
  • I am shooting things, taking pictures, and recording what I see. I do this for both my enjoyment and entertainment and for my friends.
  • I am not trying to "prove" anything. I'm just having fun and recording what I observe.
  • I am not recommending any brand or caliber of ammo based upon my observations.
  • If you disagree with what I observe, fine with me. But this is my site.
  • It's fun to shoot stuff.
  • Do not try to copy these types of experiments yourself. If you are injured, it is your sole responsibility and I will not be held responsible for any damage or injuries.