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Got my shotgun in from the LGS the other day and promptly went to the range. It's a 590A1 20"/8+1, got a deal on it. Came NIB with a tri-rail forend (got a VFG on it now, will be adding a light w/ tape switch soon), speed feed stock (replacing soon, didn't actually pay for it!), short top rail with ghost ring, and rifle style front sight. I put a nice trijicon rmr on it, that I got cheap. Also threw on a 3-pt sling I had laying around using a rail-clamp.

Initial notes, the aftermarket forend is loose and shaky, the rest of the gun is rock solid. As much as I don't like the play in it, you gotta mount a light on the thing somehow, right? The speed feed, which I think is snake-oil, seems well built, although the provided recoil pad is in my opinion just hard rubber, might as well be steel for what the aftermarket cost of the stock is. I plan to replace it with a hogue short LOP or maybe a mag-pul if I can find one cheap/used. The action is pretty gritty, feels like it needs to be broken in. All the internals seem to be parkerized. I like the top rail, it positions the ghost ring and the red-dot well. I can co-witness the dot and front sight almost. Screws came loose after some rounds, but tightened them up with my multi-tool no problem. Ergonomics are otherwise good, and I have a feeling despite the lack of sophistication, it will hold up well and serve for quite a while as it is meant to be a military shotgun. I didn't want something to look pretty, I want something that can be almost abused and still work well.

Took the Para to the range too, I wanted to get rid of the federal aluminum ammo. That stuff is junk but it's priced right for making holes in paper and practicing form. Also wanted to recheck my rear sight that I had to drift back into place (setscrew came loose under recoil and it moved a lot!), and run a load of JHP's through all my magazines as a function check. I guessed the sight position very well judging by the wear marks, and it was spot on. Checked for tight after 50 shots and it still was, same when I got home. The pistol is doing well.

Anyway... here's the carnage of paper I wanted to show ya'll. Federal PFC154 00. For those of you that aren't familiar with it: 12ga, 2 3/4, max powder, 9 pellet/ 00, copper plated, FLIGHT CONTROL.

OK, picture uploading doesn't want to work, will have to figure that one out, probably needs a resize, but it's getting late. Bear with me, I'm not worried, it's a slow forum anyway.

20 yards, can be covered by my (small/medium) hand! 7/10/15yds, It's all just a hole from the wad, less a few shots showed 1-2 pellets at 15 yards, but they were right next to the hole made by the wad. 25 yards proved to be about a 6" group. Not a pattern, but a group... patterns aren't this tight!

And I think I'm getting better with the pistol, firing as fast as I can to keep everything in a 6" group, with reloads, is quite fast now. 6" at 15 yards seems plenty effective to me. It's almost no pause between shots. I'd guess 2-3 shots per second. Slow fire is, well, slow fire, probably a 2" group at 15yds. I think at this point I need to focus much more on my stance, grip, consistency of such, and doing some right handed shooting (I'm a lefty).

In honor of OP:
1: shooting stuff is fun
2: new guns are fun to shoot
3: if you load your home defense or duty gun with buckshot, and it's not flight control, you probably should rethink that.
4: do some research before you buy and shop around. It's no more expensive than regular stuff if you do some searching online.
5: I'm at a loss on why local gun shops don't stock this!
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