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Cross Two More Guns Off My 'Bucket List'.

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Recently bought the only pocket pistol I did not own from the Springfield line--a XDS 9mm with CT laser. Weighing-in at just a little more than the XDS .45 cal., 23 oz., it is a very smooth shooter when emptying the mag, enabling me to keep 10-12 inch groupings. Likewise, nailing a swinging target at 5, 10, and 15 yards was easy to get used to. Tried hip shots too, but only hit the mark 1 out of 4 attempts as an average on the moving worn out 12 inch frying pan--the wind was 12-15 mph and varied greatly, creating additional excuses, lol. I paid $500 for this gun with two mags included.
Also did not own a 12 gauge defensive shotgun and decided on the Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical. Paid $630 and am now in the process of adding accessories such as light, sling, shell holder and adjusting the stock to fit. I have to say, the recoil on this gun is far less than my other shotguns. The ghost sights make it easy for target acquisition but the LOP at 14" is just a little too much. Going to try the OR3GUN CDA system and alterations to modify it.
Next on my 'bucket list' is a AR .308 cal. tactical type rifle in the $2000 range that can handle moving targets from 10-400 yards. Am prepared to spend more money--there no substitute for doing things right the first time.
Any advice on my next endeavor is greatly appreciated.
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Howdy there David!
I cannot comment on their .308 Winchester rifles but we have a few of their 5.56/.223 Remington rifles/carbines laying around at our home and are more than satisfied.
Sorry I can't offer any advice on the .308 rifle. I'm looking for either the M1A or the FAL, whichever comes first.
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