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California reshaping

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Anybody seen this: ... 621377.php

My first reaction is a sort of confused wondering why.

Then I looked more closely at the lines drawn, and it starts to make quite a bit of sense to me, although I might fiddle with the details.

In fact, I could see the suggested Jefferson and Norther California joining up with Oregon, to no particular disadvantage. Central California might join with Nevada, too. Geographically, Southern California might join with Arizona, but I don't think that either Southern California or Arizona want that.

Anyway, I'm certainly not the first person to observe that currently constituted California is a mess.
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California is one of the worst things for the nation. The real division that needs to occur is eastern and western California. Eastern California can be for all the moderates, conservatives, small government, personal responsibility type. And western California can be for everyone else who needs to washed away by the ocean.
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