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Ok I know this is sorta off the regular box o truth shooting thorough stuff .I have been read a couple of articles on a home brewed gun solvent called Ed's red . I know this would be Boeing to what you normally do but have you ever or would you consider testing some gun cleaning ,protection products . Grandad used lots of kerosene and plain old 3 in 1 oil he was born in 1900 ,I have an old smith and Wesson 32/20 that was his,it is nickel with 6 inch bbl ,wood grips ,has a lot of honest carry wear as he worked out doors and kept it with him ,but it us very tight and I take it out and shoot it every year on his birthday .I baby it but he didn't , like i said kerosene and 3 in 1 . So how about it ,gun cleaning , protection, old school cheap and what they had on hand ,new school high tech expensive ,or maybe home brew combination like Ed's red .
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I had a friend that actually mixed up some Ed's Red for several of us years ago. I tried it and was not impressed. It just didn't work very well at anything.

I actually have a post about lubricants that you may have missed. here it is :

Enjoy. :)
I use 3-in-1 oil a lot on my stuff. But testing out gun cleaning and protecting stuff? How exactly would you know if it works or not in the long term? Wouldn't that require using it, letting a firearm just set for a long time, and periodically checking to see if anything develops?
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