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Been a member for a while now but failed to formally say 'Hello". I have found this site exceptionally useful and very interesting. I'm a Springfield gun owner
having family ties to the company during WW2 I am loyal for that reason--however since I own most of their guns already, so to satisfy my gun-buying habit I
will move over to another Springfield Ma. gun maker, Smith and Wesson ( I know Springfield is in Illinois now, lol).
I have however taken as payment a few guns in stead of cash--a few rifles, shotguns, small cal. pistols and a few vintage long bows. The strangest
gun of the lot is a Volunteer Commando Mark 3 .45 cal. in great shape. It turns heads at the local range.
When I'm not fishing for bass in the Bass Capitol of the World, I am at the range, which is only two miles from home.

Thanks for the "Down-Home Firearms Website" is a great place to enjoy some coffee and learn some facts.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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