You may remember a short while back I did a post about my friend doc540's new inexpensive AR-15 and its surprising accuracy.

Here's the link: Can a Cheap AR-15 be Accurate?

I liked his rifle so much that I decided that I needed one for myself. Ever had that happen to you?

So, I bought one. It was a little more expensive that doc's, but I still got it taxes and all for about $600. That included a set of fold down iron sights.

Here's the rifle, an Anderson Arms AM-15.


I first sighted it in with the irons and they were easy to get lined up. I decided that I would try an inexpensive red dot scope on the rifle.

Now before anyone asks, No, I would not trust my life to a $40 red dot scope. But I am not fighting for my life with this rifle. It is a just a range toy to enjoy shooting. And I wondered how accurate it would be with a cheap red dot on it.

This is the front sight with it up.

And this is the front sight folded down.

Here's the rear sight up.

And here it is folded down.

The barrel is marked 5.56 NATO 1:8.

Here is the $40 TRUGLO scope that I bought at Gander Mountain. It is nice and bright and clear. It was also easy to adjust to get it on target.

Today I will be shooting some IMI 5.56 M-193 ammo. Not target grade, but very accurate in my experience.

I will be shooting at 50 yards.

Here I am on the rifle.


And here's the range.

I shoot at a stamped target with 1 ¼ inch black squares as targets.

This is 10 shots at the target. I let one wonder out of the group. My fault, not the rifle or the scope's.

I let my buddy doc shoot it. He did just fine.

I tried another 10 shot group and it was another great group.

But of course, this is not a bench rest gun. It is for running for fun. And it is fun to run.

Conclusions: You don't have to spend a fortune to have an AR-15 that will run well and shoot accurately. And even a cheap red dot scope can be very accurate and fun to shoot.

And, it's fun to shoot stuff.