Today was a nice morning, so I decided to make a range trip. The lovely wife decided to go with me. She likes to take photos as a hobby.

I shot my Remington 700 VLS in .308. It shot great as usual.

Here are my groups for it, with the best one being about .43 MOA at 100 yards.

And here's the smile of a guy that just shot a ½ inch group with a fine rifle.

I also shot my Swiss K-31 with a Tasco 4-16 power scope on it. These straight-pull bolt action rifles are very accurate, but I wondered how this inexpensive scope would do at 100 yards.

It shot a 2 MOA group of 10 shots. Not too bad. I'm sure the limitation is the inexpensive scope and these old eyes.

I also shot my Savage .308 bench rifle.

I had two loads to test, one with some Sierra 168 grain BTHPs and some with some 175 grain Hornady bullets. Here are two of the groups.

Notice that with the same point of aim, the 168 Sierras shot an 8 shot, .63 MOA group slightly to the right of the POA. But the 175 grain Hornady bullets, which shot into a very nice .38 MOA group, were slightly left and higher in relation to the same POA.

The important fact is this: Some folks will change the bullet brand of their loads, or even have a slight difference in the bullet weight and expect the bullets to group into the same Point of Impact. As I saw today, even a slight change in brand and weight can move the POI of the load an inch left and an inch higher on the target.

One more thing…. I wanted you guys to see the most wonderful wife in the world. Here she is, carrying my target to the 100 yard line for me, as she didn't want me to get "too hot" walking it down myself. If you can find one like that, don't let her get away.

Also, she took pictures of butterflies…

And turtles….

All in all, a lovely day at the range.

It's fun to shoot stuff.