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A couple of my rifles

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The camouflaged rifle is a Lewis Machine and Tool (LMT) Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Monolithic Rail Platform (MRP) Defender Piston 16, chambered for 6.8 SPC. Optic is a Nightforce 1-4x24 NXS Compact in a LaRue LT120 throw-lever mount. I did the camouflage myself using an airbrush and Duracoat two-part epoxy firearms finish.

The black rifle is an Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) Multi-Purpose Weapon (MPW); this is a 9" barrel SBR chambered for 300 BLK. Suppressor is an AAC 762-SDN6. Optic is an Aimpoint Micro H-1 in a LaRue Tactical LT751 VFZ mount.


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