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30-06 Reloads

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I picked up an M1 Garand last week. At the range, I used reloads, some of which had been fired in a bolt action rifle. I shot 24 rounds loaded with 54 gr of Hodgdon 414, the bottom of load listing. When I examined the spent cases, I found that all twelve of the "FC 30-M1" cases had primers that had popped out a little. None of the other case types had the problem.
At home, I compared different headstamp 30-06 spent case weights, and found that the "FC 30-M1" cases weighed significantly more (8%) than other types. This suggests thicker case walls and lower internal volume. And perhaps higher pressure that would require lighter loads?
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M-1 Garands require a specific type of powder to work well in reloads. The wrong type of powder can result in a bent operating rod. The Speer Reloading Manual #14 specifically lists 3 powders that are good for the Garand. H414 is not one of them. Be careful reloading for the semi-auto Garand. This manual suggests three powders, H380, IMR 4895, and IMR 4064. I would pick one of those and work up a load.
Alright, you two have gotten me curious as to whether the M1A experiences the same reloading sensitivity as the M1 Garand.
The M1A is not as sensitive as the Garand to this problem.
The M1A is not as sensitive as the Garand to this problem.
Is this because a shorter cartridge would warrant a shorter, less flexible operating rod? Or am I thinking of the wrong part, and Garand's design was simply refined in the designing of the M1A?
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