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To expand upon what Old_Painless pointed out, you can figure out that there's something wrong with the idea that a well constructed hollowpoint would shatter on a wall.

What is a hollowpoint supposed to do? Expand. Expand, but hold together post penetration. Hollowpoints are not military rounds, so they're for tissue destruction in humans or animals (depending on whether you're trying to defend yourself or hunt).

If a hollowpoint were to shatter on gypsum, you could pretty much guarantee that it would shatter on bone, which is precisely what you don't want to have happening. Hollowpoint makers advertise based on how wide the expansion is, and how good the cohesion of the bullet design is. Ergo, a hollowpoint which shatters on wallboard is a really crummy hollowpoint and you should probably not buy or use it.

If I hit a bad guy with a hollowpoint right in the middle of his chest, over the sternum, I don't want my hollowpoint to tear open the skin and superficial muscle and fat. I want it to punch through, and disrupt the tissues behind the sternum so as to better get him to stop whatever he's doing which caused me to shoot at him in the first place. If it goes through his spine on the way out, so much the better. Shattering on the sternum just isn't in my game plan at all.
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