Curio & Relics

Educational Zone #37 – Scoping a K-31

Some of us have been fascinated by the Swiss K-31 C&R rifles. They are very fine rifles, well built, and shooting very accurate ammo.The military sights on the rifles are excellent sights and I can shoot them about as well at 50 yards as any rifle I own. But these eyes need a little help at 100 yards. I just can’t do as well with iron sights as I can with a scope at 100 yards. There is a great scope mount for [...]

Educational Zone #23 – Cosmoline Removal

I had a few folks ask me how to best remove Cosmoline from a firearm. Cosmoline is a Vaseline-type preservative that was used to preserve firearms.Collectors of C&R (Curio & Relic) firearms often find old firearms that were built around WWI or WWII and then put in storage. These guns were usually just dipped in a big vat of Cosmoline and then put into storage.Sometimes folks forget what is going on and get all [...]

Educational Zone #25 – Great Firearms – The CZ-52

Many folks have expressed an interest in the CZ-52 pistol.This pistol qualifies as a C&R pistol, and is very inexpensive at this time.Here’s mine. Probably the most interesting thing about this pistol is the caliber, 7.62 X 25.This is a bottlenecked, .30 caliber round, that shoots a 90 grain jacketed Ball at around 1,500 fps.As a result, it is a big penetrator.We saw evidence of this when we shot a Kevlar [...]

Educational Zone #26 – Great Firearms – Swiss K-31 Rifle

I recently obtained my C&R License and have the “bug” bad.One of the rifles I always wanted to try was the Swiss K-31, Straight-Pull Bolt Rifle.I get a couple from AIM and they were just what I expected: Almost perfect steel and rough wood. Here’s one, right out of the shipping box.With a little bluing touch-up and a refinished stock, you have a new rifle. With the help of my old buddy, Tman, we [...]

Educational Zone #27 – Great Firearms – The Mosin Nagant

When I first saw a Mosin Nagant, I thought it was an ugly gun. But, like a lot of things, the more you see of them, the more you can learn to appreciate them. They kind of grow on you.I guess it was when first watching “Enemy At the Gates” that I finally wanted to have one.The Mosin Nagant is a bolt action rifle developed by the Russians and used in the First and Second World Wars. It is a fairly [...]

Educational Zone #28 – Refinishing a US Savage Enfield Mk1 #4 SMLE

I recently obtained a US Savage Enfield Mk1 #4 SMLE from Phoenix Distributors for the good price of $124.00, through my C&R License.It arrived on the Brown Truck of Happiness. I opened the package like a kid on Christmas morning and removed my next project.Here it is. It was a little rough, but looked like it would clean up just fine. We had read that these rifles had been used in Turkey and it had about the ugliest [...]

Educational Zone #29 – Simple Rifle Rack

My new C&R hobby has caused an over-flow situation on my gun safe. I had been just stacking them in closets, but knew that was a temporary stop-gap measure. It was time to build a rifle rack.I didn’t want anything fancy, just something to keep them from leaning on each other and scratching them up.I noticed that I had a 5 foot section of wall in my computer room between the bookcase and the corner that would be [...]

Educational Zone #30 – The Smell of Cordite

If any of you have ever read British military history, they are always talking about the “smell of Cordite” on the battlefield. Some folks probably don’t even know what Cordite is.I recently bought a 550 round ammo can full of mixed WWII era .303 British ammo.Here it is. As you can see, it is a “mixed bag”, full of old, dusty, and sometimes corroded ammo.But it was cheap and it goes Bang [...]

Educational Zone #32 – Refinishing an Old Rifle

I recently got my C&R and have been having a great time finding and refinishing some old military rifles.I was looking at an old SMLE that I own that was built in Lithgow, Australia.It appeared to have once been painted olive drab green.Here’s a pic. So, I checked with our resident expert on SMLEs, my friend Swingset.I asked him if he thought painting a SMLE would be okay.He assured me that he thought it was [...]

Educational Zone #13 – Shooting & Cleaning Corrosive Ammo

Some of you younger shooters may have never even heard of “corrosive ammo”. Ammo made before around mid-1950 used primers with mercuric salts in the priming compound in the primers. Upon firing this ammo, these corrosive salts were deposited all inside the barrel of the weapon.If these salts were not removed, they would attract moisture and corrode (rust) the inside of the barrel. Swabbing the barrel with oil [...]
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