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Educational Zone #72 – Great Firearms – The ’98 Mauser Rifle

The Mauser rifle company started making bolt action rifles in the 1870s. We will not cover all the long and detailed history of the evolution of the 1898 Mauser, but will start our story there. In 1898, the German Army ordered rifles from Mauser that improved on many older designs. It had better metallurgy, a larger receiver ring, and could handle the pressures of the 8 X 57 mm cartridge. It also had a new third safety [...]

Educational Zone #74 – The Five Sisters – Restoring Five M44 Mosin Rifles

Tman called me and told me that Centerfire Systems had an advertisement where we could buy 5 M44 rifles for $39.95 each.He said the ad said they were “battlefield pick-ups”, had never been arsenal restored, and were sold in “as is” condition. I said, “Well, sounds like a great project to me!” So, we placed the order and waited for the Brown Truck O’ Happiness.Tman called me in a [...]

Educational Zone #51 – Changing the Firing Pin Springs in C&R Rifles

I sure enjoy shooting my C&R rifles, especially with the cheap military surplus ammo. But some of this ammo is over 60 years old and the primers can be “hard”.We were experiencing a lot of hang-fires and a lot of no-fires. I begin to wonder if the old firing pin springs in the Lee Enfields and Mausers might be a part of the problem.So, I ordered some replacement springs from Brownell’s. The original [...]

Educational Zone #54 – Great Firearms – Mosin Nagant Hex Receiver

I enjoy shooting the Mosin Nagant rifles I own, but wanted an example of one with the Hexagonal Receiver. These rifles are the older rifles, and in later versions, the Rooskies decided to cut costs by just making the receivers round.I don’t know if there is really much difference in quality, but I didn’t have a Hex rifle, so you all know what that means. I ordered mine with my C&R from J&G Sales for [...]

Educational Zone #57 – Repairing a Split Stock

Last week we were shooting some C&R weapons.I was shooting my old Lithgow SMLE. Here’s a picture of it from a couple of years ago.As you can see, the wood didn’t match too well, but the metal was sound and it shot well.I fired a few magazines full and laid it on the bench.Tman said, “Look at that. Your stock has split.” And, sure enough, it had. It had never even shown a warning, but a crack [...]

Educational Zone #59 – Great Firearms – The Tokarev Romanian 7.62 X 25 Pistol

I recently saw that the BATF had clarified that they considered the TT-33 pistol to be C&R qualified. I was excited, as I had always wanted one and now had a chance to have the Brown Truck O’ Happiness deliver one right to my door.I ordered one from AIM, as their pistols were advertised as “refinished”.Their ad said:“Tokarev-TTC Romanian TT-33 7.62×25 PistolItem# Tokarev-TTCOriginally [...]

Educational Zone #60 – Stripping a Stock with Easy-Off Oven Cleaner

My buddy Tman and I recently saw an ad where they were offering 91/30 Mosins for $49.95. How could we pass up a deal like that? So, we both ordered two of them and waited for the Brown Truck O’ Happiness to arrive. When they got here, they were pretty nice. One of mine was a light orange color that I liked. I decided to refinish them to make them look new, but to keep the original colors as much as possible. The [...]

Educational Zone #33 – Refinishing a 24/47 Mauser

I recently bought a Mauser 24/47 from Classic Arms.I got it from the Brown Truck O’ Happiness and, like a kid on Christmas morning, could hardly wait to tear open the box.It was just as I expected… Completely covered in Cosmoline.But it looked like there might be a nice rifle under al that crud.Here it is on my bench. I began by taking it all apart and started the long process of removing the Cosmoline.I use [...]

Educational Zone #34 – 24/47 Mauser Range Report

Okay, a range report on my refinished 24/47 Mauser. Went to the range today to see how she shot.I was very pleased. First, I thought I’d show any of you that might not be familiar with stripper clips, how they work.Ammo was often loaded into stripper clips in WWI and WWII.In the case of the Mausers, it was 5 shot stripper clips.This is what they look like. The rifle action has a slot cut in the top to allow these [...]

Educational Zone #35 – Refinished Turkish Mauser

I have been interested in Mausers lately. Got a couple of them with my C&R and refinished them, enjoying the whole thing.I was interested in getting a Turkish Mauser and have been looking for a nice one. I was frustrated, as most of them are “rough”. Those Turks didn’t believe in babying a rifle.I finally found one on the net and made a deal on it. I got it a couple of days ago and when I opened the [...]
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