Educational Zone #5 – Solving Accuracy Problems with Handloading

Some of you may remember when I posted on about finally finding and buying a clean 1917 Enfield. Mine is a great example of this weapon. I have seen many in museums that are not anywhere near as clean. The problem is that, like almost all examples of this rifle, the bore is pretty well shot. This rifle was manufactured and used during the days of corrosive primers, and the users usually didn’t wash the [...]

Educational Zone #3 – Sniper Practice

I went with my friend brianksain and a couple of his SWAT Sniper buddies to their practice sessions today.We were all shooting our Accuracy International AE rifles, in .308. We started out shooting at “movers” at 50 yards. We stapled a silhouette target to a long pole and one of us walked behind the berm and displayed the target for a few seconds. The shooter had to identify the target and get off a shot [...]

Educational Zone #2 – The Dreaded Doublefeed

The most dreaded of malfunctions.I am going to teach you how to Perform a Clearance Drill.I learned these techniques while attending Thunder Ranch. It is an excellent school and I would recommend it to anyone interested.First, let’s review the basic clearance drill… Tap, Rack, and Bang.When a pistol fails to fire, first you should…Tap.Hit the magazine with the palm of your support hand. Rack. Rack the [...]
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