Educational Zone #13 – Shooting & Cleaning Corrosive Ammo

Some of you younger shooters may have never even heard of “corrosive ammo”. Ammo made before around mid-1950 used primers with mercuric salts in the priming compound in the primers. Upon firing this ammo, these corrosive salts were deposited all inside the barrel of the weapon.If these salts were not removed, they would attract moisture and corrode (rust) the inside of the barrel. Swabbing the barrel with oil [...]

Educational Zone #17 – Great Firearms – The British SMLE

One of the truly great military firearms has to be the British SMLE (Short Magazine Lee Enfield) .303 Rifle.This rifle was the mainstay of the British army for more years than most other rifles ever approach.It served from the First World War through the Second, and did so with honor. I bought mine at a gun show many years ago. This is it. Mine was produced at Lithgow Arsenal in Australia. It appears to be used, but not [...]

Low Light Essentials #1 – The Anatomy of Low Light

Human beings have a natural fear of the dark. Human beings depend primarily on sight as a means of figuring out what is going on in the world around them so it should come as no surprise that we naturally find conditions where this sense is significantly diminished or useless to be extremely disconcerting. Our eyes are remarkable organs capable of incredible feats, but seeing in the dark isn’t one of them. As a [...]

Educational Zone #1 – Performing a System Check

I learned these techniques while attending Thunder Ranch. It is an excellent school and I would recommend it to anyone interested. In a gunfight, you may find yourself in a “lull” when the action has stopped. It may began again, without notice. In the mean time, you would want to do a “Tactical Reload.” This means to replace any partially loaded magazines with full ones. You do this while keeping [...]

The Buick O’ Truth #1 – Windshields Inside/Out

People often wonder and debate about cars and how they react to being shot with various types of weapons and ammunition. The best way to find out the answer to those various car-related shooting questions is to actually shoot some cars. First, let’s consider a situation sometimes faced by police officers, military personnel and even civilians.Shooting inside of a vehicle. Can it be done? What happens when you [...]

The Box O’ Truth #1 – The Original Box O’ Truth

This is the Box. Having some time for study of this fascinating sport, I built the “Box O’ Truth”. The purpose of the Box is to test the penetration of various rounds. People often say, “I think…”. “I suppose…”, “I bet…”, when discussing facts like penetration of ammunition. There is only one way to know how much a certain round penetrates. You must [...]

Educational Zone #9 – Best Way to Clean a Shotgun

In my continuing struggle to present worthwhile subjects, I will teach you fellows how to clean a shotgun.First, make sure that it is empty. Then remove the barrel. Put the rest of the shotgun away. Spray WD-40 down the barrel. Do it from both ends. Scrub the barrel with a bore brush, if necessary. Select one (1) Tampax. Original, Regular is just right for a 12 Gauge. Remove the Tampax from the convenient holder. [...]

Educational Zone #8 – 5.56 Military Ammo Accuracy

My friend Tman and I went to the range to test various types of 5.56 ammo.I used my DPMS Sweet Sixteen, with a 16 inch stainless heavy barrel, chrome bolt, Accuwedge, Leupold 6.5 X 20 X 50 scope, etc. It is a fine shooter as you will see in a moment.This is it. I fired 2 rounds to foul the barrel and then shot 8, five-shot groups, at 100 yards, as numbered below. There were no “called” flyers. Only one [...]

Educational Zone #7 – Full Auto Shoot

For those of you that might not be aware, especially those not in the USA, it is perfectly legal to own a full-automatic weapon, sometimes called a “machine gun”. A person simply needs to obtain the proper paper work, pass a background check, and then can legally own these guns.I do not personally own any full-auto guns, but have a friend that does. My friend “Roy” came through town on his way [...]

Educational Zone #6 – Cheap 9mm Ammo Accuracy

A few days ago, Tman and I found some Blazer 9mm ammo cheap at Academy. We shot it, but felt that it might not be as accurate as we thought other ammo was. But, instead of depending on “feelings”, we decided to conduct a test.We brought our handloads and three cheap brands of 9mm ammo to the range.We shot my Glock 34, off of bags, at around 35-40 feet. Why not further? Because these 56 and 63 year old eyes [...]
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