Educational Zone #191 – Is the Glock 19 the Best Concealed Carry Piece?

A couple of weeks ago my friend (and hero) Aimless posted that AIM had some Glock 19 police trade-ins for sale for $359. By the time I looked at them, they were all gone. But my contact at AIM said that they had more coming in and to keep an eye out for them.

Sure enough, they got another batch in and I ordered one. It got here today. Here it is.


As you can see it is a Generation 2, without the finger grooves. I actually like this generation. It has some holster wear, but otherwise is in great shape.

Of course, it has the atrocious “New York Trigger” with a very heavy trigger pull, so I also ordered the 5 pound return spring from AIM for $1.95. My buddy Liem came over to help me change it out and measure the trigger pull of both.

First we made absolutely sure the magazine was out and the pistol was unloaded. We then re-checked to be sure it was not loaded. Then we measured the New York trigger.


It came in at 10 and 12 pounds. It was absolutely atrocious. We couldn’t tell exactly how hard it was as the scale on the trigger pull device didn’t go up that high.

Here is what it looks like in the frame.


And here it is after removal.


Then we changed out the trigger spring.


We then tested the trigger and it now has a 5 to 6 pound trigger pull.


I took the piece apart to clean it up and lube it before heading to the range.

To do this, you first remove the magazine and make sure the piece is empty.


Then you check it again.

Then you point it in a safe direction such as the garage floor and pull the trigger.


You then grip it like this and pull the slide to the rear about ¼ of an inch.


Pull down on the take-down levers and the slide will them come off the front of the frame.

Remove the recoil spring and then the barrel and it is field stripped for cleaning.


I scrubbed the barrel and polished the feed ramp.

A little grease on the rails and a little oil on strategic areas and it is ready to assemble.

My old buddy Tman and I have owned several models of Glocks over the years. This excellent site on (Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo) has convinced me that there is no real advantage regarding the common major calibers for a personal defense pistol as far as “power” is concerned. And the 9mm has the advantages of high capacity and readily available ammo and reloads.

But Glock makes a lot of different 9mm pistols. The Model 26 is the sub-compact and is slightly smaller in length the height than the Model 19. But Tman and I became convinced that it is the “thickness” of a concealed piece that makes it more or less difficult to conceal. And the Model 26 is just as “thick” as the Model 19, with fewer rounds in the mag.

I have both the Model 17 and Model 34, both of which are great shooters, but they are just big enough to make them harder to conceal.

The Glock 19 is the “best of all worlds” in my humble opinion. It is fairly easy to conceal, but has reasonable magazine capacity and a full sized grip for large hands.

We hit the range and shot it to see if the sights were set properly. They seemed to be good to go.

We then tried some drills from concealed holster. The “safe action trigger” allows the piece to be carried loaded with one in the chamber, ready to go. Or, as one guy recently posted, “Cocked, locked, and ready to rock”. I am not a fan of the Israeli carry (loaded magazine with the chamber empty).

If you are going to carry a concealed weapon, you need to practice shooting from the concealed holster. It is not the same as shooting from an open-carry holster.

Here I am drawing from concealed.


And then presenting and shooting.


Here’s Liem drawing his Sig from concealed.


And him shooting.


We had good results with these drills. As I got ready for the first rounds to go down range, Liem said, “Let’s see you put 10 tounds in the head as fast as you can shoot.” I gave it a try. Here’s my first 10 rounds as fast as I could shoot.


We were shooting from about 6 or 7 yards, as good distance for self defense shooting.


Here’s Liem’s 10 rounds of double taps with the new Glock 19.


The pistol ran 100% and was a pleasure to shoot with the new trigger spring.

If you are interested in carrying a full-sized pistol concealed, you ought to give serious consideration to the Glock 19. Is it the “only good choice”? No, but it is a very good choice.

And if you don’t presently own one, give these a look on AIM’s site.

AIM Glock 19 Trade-Ins

It is a great deal for this pistol and the folks at AIM are good people.

And it’s fun to shoot stuff.

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  1. Question: I am currently having issues choosing between the Glock19 and the Smith and Wesson M&P 9c for CC. do you have an opinion either way? Also, I think it is necessary to now have CC gun where my pinky cannot be engaged..seems like losing that much control is not worth saving the carry size. Do people train to fire guns well when your pinky cannot engage the handle? thank you

  2. Perry Hicks // April 20, 2016 at 12:09 am // Reply

    The FBI has recently announced their move back to 9mm reasoning that modern ammunition has made all popular calibers essentially equal in effectiveness.

    After researching terminal ballistics for several years, they are probably right as far as gellatin goes. However, penetration consistency, expansion, and path predictability through bones, barriers, particularly windshields, and even soft obstructions, requires mass.

    The FBI will also tell you that there is no decernable difference in wound channels. I’m not buying that from my own personal experience. Still, the 9mm is a fine, and despite its age, modern round. That does not mean it will perform exactly like a broader, heavier bullet. The smaller cross section and lighter weight does come with trade-offs that are both good and bad depending on the application.

    Hence, IMHO, for those who can handle the snapy recoil, the 40 S&W is still a viable compromise between the extremes of 45 ACP on one hand and 9mm on the other.

    Having said that, if I was starting out today, my choice would be a G19 or possibly a G26 as it is a bit more flexible; wide capacity range of magazines for backup; the gun is plenty accurate as compared to a G19, and for some body types, the standard magazine without the finger extension, may assist with minimizing printing.

    My EDC is a G23 (yeah, I originally followed the FBI adoption) and it is comfortable for me to carry iwb all day long.

    For duty, I prefer 45 ACP for bystander safety and effectiveness even without expansion. But for CC and EDC, a G19 or 26 (as one prefers) is really prit near perfect IMHO.

    If I could only have one gun, it would be a G19. It is a shooter”s gun and the 9mm is a shooter’s round.

    BTW, since it was brought up, I have also carried an M&P and I liked it. However, I came to the conclusion that carrying a gun for protection is not a hobby and for EDC between off and on duty, sticking to one brand is best.

    Hope this was of help.

  3. Old_Painless // April 22, 2016 at 10:28 am // Reply

    Regarding the question about shorter grips and the pinky finger hanging off…..Me and my buddy Tman talked a lot about this and tried our Glock 17, 34, and 19 pistols and compared the accuracy we got with our Glock 26 pistols with the shorter grips. Long story short, we could see absolutely no difference in accuracy, much to our surprise.

  4. I have never understood why people pay upwards of $360 for those police trade ins? I have seen Gen3 and Gen4 G19s on Armslist for $500 that basically had a couple of mags through them. I bought both my G34 and G41 off Armslist for $500 each and they were barely used. Neither has any look of wear.

  5. professorstein // April 27, 2016 at 10:07 pm // Reply

    Glock makes one of the best handguns but not for concealed carry. Sure you can use one but they don’t come close to the S&W shield 9mm or the Ruger LC9S. Use a glock for your full size handgun. The only way someone would recommend a Glock for concealed carry is by pure bias.

    • I’m a firearms instructor, (amongst many other topics), for a Florida law enforcement agency. I’ve been so for 9years. I’ve been a comp shooter for 33 years. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot more types of weapons then most. I’ve also been part in testing of weapons that never even made it to production. With the hundreds of types of “concealable” weapons that come thru here, I’ve been able to test an amazing number of options. The ONLY brand to consistently pass ALL of our testing parameters is the GLOCK! A G19 definitely represents an excellent compromise between all features. But if I’m going to choose a weapon to count my life on, utter reliability most certainly lands right on top. Bottom lines is, they’re not pretty. They’re not super slim. They’re not super accurate. All attributes agreed upon. They are however reliable. I’d rather carry an ugly, slightly thicker, little less accurate weapon that is going to work when I need it too, than anything else. I’ve never heard of a perpetrator complaining that the weapon used against them was unattractive or fat…..

      My actual recommendation is to purchase a G23, drop in a 9mm conversion and cut the grip down to G26 height. Carry G17 mags as your extras and you’re golden. Any BONDED 124 or 147 +p or +p+ ammo from a major manufacturer.

  6. Iused to use glocks, and agree that they are a very good tool for the job at hand. However I tried a Springfield XDS and ended up buying the complete line of guns. Both the 9mm and .40 are exceptional in all aspects of CC. The .45 even was acceptable weight-side but will say it did have a weird trigger pull, which fixed easily a standard rework of the entire assembly–seems this one was NOT shipped with strict quality control. Other than that, I find this pistol line, to be as good, if not better than any Glock.

  7. When it comes to concealed carry, one size doesn’t fit all. What you can successfully conceal depends on your size and body configuration. A 6’6″ man can hide a 5″ 1911 on his body. A 5′ woman can’t. Appendix position doesn’t work if you have a pot belly. A full size gun at 4 or 5 o’clock is miserably uncomfortable in a chair or car seat. I’m 5’5″ and overweight at 165 pounds. Full size on me is an S&W M&P 9c or a Ruger SR9c. For concealment, I need a single stack like a Kahr K9, Shield or the new Honor Guard. The only comfortable, practical position is OWB at 3 o’clock and that assumes I can wear a loose cover garment. Deep concealment limits me to something like a Kahr P380 in a pocket holster or clipped inside a boot. Even Jeff Cooper acknowledged that there were times when all he could carry was a 2″ J-frame.

  8. Personally I think Glocks are the number one best gun type. But how do you feel about the price tag?

  9. I used to think the extra little trigger was worthless and a hindrance, I was wrong, after firing a few pistols with it, I never noticed the difference. As a safety, it is worthless.

  10. Glock 19 is a great choice, but personal I like Glock 42 than 19.
    Thank for your great post.
    I had shared this post on my Fanpage.

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