Educational Zone #180 – Levi’s Christmas Rifle

My grandson Levi is 7 years old. He has been showing an interest in going hunting with his Mom and Dad, and so we know what that means.

He needs a rifle.

I surprised him this Christmas with his own rifle. I had been looking for a good used rifle to work over and fix up for him, but while looking for just the right rifle, I had stumbled on this fine specimen.


It is an almost brand new Ruger 10-22. It is very clean, from a pawn shop. I bought it and me and my buddy Ted took it all apart and cleaned it really well. I had not been shot very much at all. We oiled it up, I cleaned up a few spots on the stock, and it was ready to go.

I drilled a hole in the butt of the stock and put a note from me to Levi for him to find some day.




The note tells him how much I love him, gave him some advice, and I gave him a Scripture.

All our family gathered early for the “Old_Painless Family Christmas” and the kiddos all got their new stuff. I waited until everyone was done with opening their presents and then gave Levi this small package.


He opened it up and I asked him did he know what it was. He said, “Looks like bullets.”

I asked him if he had a rifle to shoot them with.

He said, “No sir.”

I said, “Then you had better look under the couch.”

He drug out his new “old” rifle and was thrilled. Uncle Ted had even thrown in a new 25 round magazine.


He and I are going to go shooting in the next week or so and let him try it out.


Any Christmas where a boy gets a new firearm is a good Christmas.

Merry Christmas, friends.

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  1. Sir,
    I’ve just finished reading each article in your educational zone. I stumbled across your boxotruth website last night and read until after midnight and then picked it back up this morning. It all reads very well and interesting, like an old Louis Lamour western. Very informative and a great deal of wisdom. I, too am a gun fanatic and after retiring with 23 years in the Army spend a great deal of time shooting. While my gun collection probably doesn’t even come close to yours I have acquired a small Arsenal and various upgrades. My Sendero in 7mm mag has the kahntrol muzzle brake which you wrote very accurately about and is my ‘tack driver”. I really enjoyed your article about the Colt revolvers (Python and the Cobra), as I have an Anaconda with the 8″ barrel in the PDT from the factory. I bought it brand new back in 1993 in Colorado Springs. Well I just step wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your articles, and don’t think anyone has ever done such a fine job! Especially when you incorporate faith and family! Looking forward to seeing more from you.

    Tim Gray

  2. Old_Painless // May 3, 2016 at 11:22 am // Reply

    Thanks, Tim. Sorry for the slow response. Glad you enjoy the posts. I enjoy doing them.

  3. This article made me smile. 🙂

    My son is 4 now… as much as I CAN wait for him to grow up, I also CAN’T WAIT for him to be old enough for his first rifle.

    You’re a good grandfather Old_Painless.

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