The Buick O’ Truth #5 – Shotguns and Car Doors

So what about the ol’ reliable 12 guage shotgun? Well, we played with that too, using both buckshot and slugs.Again, notice that I captured the weapon cycling…  Let’s take a look at the door. Yet another one. And the result? The buckshot essentially performed like several slow 9mm rounds, penetrating a single door, but being stopped somewhere in the passenger.         The slugs [...]

Educational Zone #9 – Best Way to Clean a Shotgun

In my continuing struggle to present worthwhile subjects, I will teach you fellows how to clean a shotgun.First, make sure that it is empty. Then remove the barrel. Put the rest of the shotgun away. Spray WD-40 down the barrel. Do it from both ends. Scrub the barrel with a bore brush, if necessary. Select one (1) Tampax. Original, Regular is just right for a 12 Gauge. Remove the Tampax from the convenient holder. [...]
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