The Box O’ Truth #47 – Laminated Bullet Proof Glass – Pistols

I recently had a friend of The Box O’ Truth named David, who sent me an e-mail and told me about some glass he manufactures. He said, “I can provide you with some layered, laminated, bullet proof glass, that is much more bullet resistant than the cast poly sheet glass you shot before. This is rated as NIJ IIIA, for a .44 Magnum. If you want, I will also send you a sheet of NIJ III Rifle Rated glass.” [...]

Low Light Essentials #7 – Gear – Long Gun Sights and Lasers

Long Gun Sights The best option for low light use for most people is an Aimpoint red dot. They work great in conjunction with a white light and they’ll work if you mount some sort of NV behind them. They have a long battery life, they are durable, reliable… pretty much everything you could hope to want in an optic. A decidedly inferior option to the red dot sight, the various tritium equipped iron sights [...]

The Box O’ Truth #54 – Busting an Engine Block

Back in the early 1970s, I was told, as a young policeman, that one of the advantages of the .357 Magnum was that it would “bust an engine block”. I did not know if it would, but that was the persistent rumor. I’ve always wondered what it would really do, but hauling a heavy engine block to the range and then hauling it off to the dump was too much for me to tackle. But my old friend Boyd called me last week and [...]

The Box O’ Truth #56 – Federal Flight Control #1 Buckshot

For years, those of us that are interested have known that 00 buckshot was the “best available” load for most shooters for defensive purposes. Federal’s 00 buckshot load in their great FCW (Flight Control Wad) was the “best of the best”, as the FCW would hold the buckshot in the tightest patterns of any buckshot available. But we also knew that #1 buckshot would be even better, especially of loaded in the [...]

Educational Zone #91 – Let’s Talk About Buckshot

A short while back I was on Shotgunworld in the Tactical/Home Defense Forums, (also known as The Basement) and we had a guy ask a simple question: “Specifically, I’m curious about how much the shot in standard 2-3/4” 9-pellet 00 buckshot weighs. Anyone know? I tried figuring it out mathematically and came up with about 1.1 ounces. I thought that seemed a bit light, but I guess they can’t pack big [...]

Educational Zone #83 – Fighting With a Shotgun

Some folks make the very dangerous assumption that owning a shotgun is the same as knowing how to fight with a shotgun. Such is not the case. Today, we are going to talk about the best way to use a shotgun in a self-defense scenario. The shotgun would not be my first choice for a home defense weapon, but they are certainly a viable option. The shotgun has both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: 1. Effectiveness at [...]

Educational Zone #61 – Thunder Ranch, Defensive Shotgun Class

When Thunder Ranch was located in Texas, I attended Defensive Handgun I, Defensive Handgun II, and Urban Rifle classes there over the years. I was hoping to be able to attend a Defensive Shotgun class, but they moved to Oregon before I could schedule the class. I was surely disappointed.Some might ask, “Why take a shotgun class?” Good question. I am certified by the NRA as a Shotgun Instructor, and have been [...]

Educational Zone #143 – What Is the Best Weapon for Home Defense? – A Serious Discussion

This subject comes up every so often on, and it almost always results in a lot of “opinions” and sometimes some arguments. Some folks might say, “Well, I like my pistol and that’s what I’m going to use.” That is fine with me. I believe anyone should be able to use whatever they want for home defense. But they ought to make that decision based upon facts, and not “feelings”, and know the [...]

Educational Zone #120 – Old_Painless at the SHOT Show 2011

I have made the SHOT Show for many years. It is a great place to see all the new guns and other stuff that are available every year. This year the show was in Las Vegas, and I and my friends Ted and Liem all went. We had a blast. I thought you guys might want to see some of the stuff we saw. The SHOT Show stands for the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show, and is the biggest gun-related show in the world. It is not [...]

Educational Zone #111 – Restoring an Old Shotgun

I recently took my stepson Abel out to shoot shotguns, as he had never shot a shotgun at an aerial target before. We had fun, but the double barreled shotgun he was using was kind of heavy for him. I decided I’d be on the lookout for a nice 20 gauge single shot for his first shotgun. I went to visit my buddy Ted in Temple, Texas and he and I made our usual pawn shop visits, looking for deals. I saw a rack of shotguns [...]
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