Educational Zone #81 – Refinishing a British #1 Mark 3 Enfield Rifle

I got a note from my friend UH_SALT_RIFLE (Pronounced “Assault Rifle”) from AR15.com, that said: “I want to donate something to you and your wonderful Box-O-Truth and information posts. I consider it an experiment and a challenge for you. All I ask is that you do one of your cool threads with it if possible. This is FREE. A gift to you from me for all the information and fun threads you have given me [...]

Educational Zone #82 – Getting an Enfield Rifle to Shoot

Some of you may have been following the adventure of rebuilding with my friend UH_SALT_RIFLE’s (pronounced Assault Rifle) Enfield.It shot “Okay”, but I thought we could make it shoot better. Here’s what we did.I started by drifting the front sight to the right a little to get the point of impact on the bullseye. Someone asked me if we were going to “cork” the barrel to put some upward [...]

Educational Zone #64 – Great Firearms – The FN-FAL, The Right Arm of the Free World

The FN-FAL is a 7.62 X 51 NATO, self-loading, selective fire, battle rifle. The letters stand for Fabrique Nationale – Fusil Automatique Léger (Light Automatic Rifle), or as it is more commonly known, the FN-FAL or simply as the FAL. This fine rifle was designed by the Belgian company FN, during the cold war. It has been adopted by over 17 major armies for use as their primary battle rifle. It has many variations [...]

Educational Zone #67 – Great Firearms – The M-1 Carbine

During WWII, it was recognized that many rear area troops, and even front line troops with jobs that required them to carry other equipment, did not need or want to carry the heavy M-1 Garand battle rifle. The M-1 Garand weighed around 10 pounds and was large and somewhat cumbersome for use from a vehicle. But these troops needed more than a pistol, as, even then, knowledgeable people knew that “Rifles are rifles [...]

Educational Zone #68 – Great Firearms – The 1903-A3 Springfield Rifle

I have long admired the Springfield 1903-A3 rifle. I looked for an example to add to my collection for many years. I saw a lot of good examples, but I wanted a really nice one. Then one year at the Big Houston Gun Show, I finally found the one I wanted and it was at a great price. I snatched it up! Here it is. The Springfield bolt action rifle, caliber .30-06, was developed in 1903 for use by the U.S. Military. It [...]

Educational Zone #70 – Great Firearms – The Johnson Rifle

Recently, my friend Boyd asked me, “Do you think the guys would be interested in seeing my Johnson rifle?” I said, “I’m sure they would. I sure know that I’d like to shoot it.” So, he met me at the range with his rifle. Here it is. The Johnson rifle was designed by Melvin Johnson and offered in competition with the M-1 Garand for acceptance by the U. S. Army in 1941. Long story short, [...]

Educational Zone #71 – Great Firearms – The M-1917 Enfield

The M-1917 Enfield, also called The American Enfield, is a great firearm. In 1914, the British wanted more battle rifles in a very bad way. They had designed a fine rifle called the Pattern 1914 Enfield, caliber .303 British, but needed foreign contractors to build it for them. They contracted with American companies, mostly Winchester, Remington, and Eddystone to produce these rifles for them. More than one and [...]

Educational Zone #72 – Great Firearms – The ’98 Mauser Rifle

The Mauser rifle company started making bolt action rifles in the 1870s. We will not cover all the long and detailed history of the evolution of the 1898 Mauser, but will start our story there. In 1898, the German Army ordered rifles from Mauser that improved on many older designs. It had better metallurgy, a larger receiver ring, and could handle the pressures of the 8 X 57 mm cartridge. It also had a new third safety [...]

Educational Zone #74 – The Five Sisters – Restoring Five M44 Mosin Rifles

Tman called me and told me that Centerfire Systems had an advertisement where we could buy 5 M44 rifles for $39.95 each.He said the ad said they were “battlefield pick-ups”, had never been arsenal restored, and were sold in “as is” condition. I said, “Well, sounds like a great project to me!” So, we placed the order and waited for the Brown Truck O’ Happiness.Tman called me in a [...]

Educational Zone #62 – Great Firearms – The M-1 Garand

“The M-1 Rifle is the greatest battle implement ever devised.” Those words sum up the opinion of General George Patton regarding the M-1 Garand rifle. Many will agree with him, at least up until that point in history. The M-1 Garand rifle was developed by John C, Garand in 1936 to replace the 1903 Springfield bolt action rifle. It was the first really successful semi-automatic battle rifle. Primarily due to [...]
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