Educational Zone #59 – Great Firearms – The Tokarev Romanian 7.62 X 25 Pistol

I recently saw that the BATF had clarified that they considered the TT-33 pistol to be C&R qualified. I was excited, as I had always wanted one and now had a chance to have the Brown Truck O’ Happiness deliver one right to my door.I ordered one from AIM, as their pistols were advertised as “refinished”.Their ad said:“Tokarev-TTC Romanian TT-33 7.62×25 PistolItem# Tokarev-TTCOriginally [...]

Educational Zone #46 – Cleaning and Lubricating a Revolver

I’ve had a few friends ask me how to properly clean and lubricate a weapon. I will try to demonstrate the best way to do these tasks, as my 50+ years of experience have taught me.First off, let’s get the “WD-40” question out of the way. For some reason that I simply cannot understand, some folks have an unreasonable hatred of WD-40 and even say things like “I’d never put that stuff on [...]

Educational Zone #47 – Cleaning a Semi-Auto Pistol

We last talked about cleaning a revolver, so let’s look at cleaning a semi-auto pistol.The same discussion applies to using WD-40 as a solvent.It is especially important to use a good solvent when cleaning a semi-auto, as they tend to get a lot more unburned powder, soot, and other stuff inside the working parts of the pistol.This stuff should be “washed out” with a good solvent.We will be cleaning my [...]

Educational Zone #38 – Refinishing a Sistema .45 ACP – pt. 1

I recently purchased a Sistema .45 ACP, Model 1927, from Gander Mountain.It was priced at $249.It was about as free of bluing as is possible, but seemed to be mechanically sound.It looked like a fun project to me.Here it is in its original state. And here.As you can see, the bluing is completely gone.But it had a certain “charm”.My buddy Tman took one look at it and said, “Nice trot line [...]

Educational Zone #39 – Refinishing a Sistema .45 ACP – pt. 2

In part one we showed how we disassembled and prepared the pistol for refinishing.I had ordered some DuraCoat from Lauer and had to wait a few days for it to arrive. It finally got here and we were ready to go.First, we had to tape areas where we didn’t want any paint. I also had to design some wooden “holders” to hold the pieces for painting and that would allow them to be placed in a vice to dry [...]

Educational Zone #40 – Refinishing a Sistema .45 ACP – Range Report

A little range report on the Sistema we refinished.Went to the range this morning and ran the pistol a bit.I put 50 rounds of 200 grain SWC handloads through it without a hitch.I believe we can pronounce the throat polishing job a success. I also ran 50 rounds of 230 grain Ball through it.No problems.It grouped just fine and shot to point of aim. There had been some questions about how tough the finish is.I don’t [...]

Educational Zone #41 – Tiger Striping a Firearm

My old buddy Ted and I have one last Sistema each, and decided to paint them.We wish we had more, but here’s the last two, mine on top and Ted’s on bottom. As always, we started out by washing them in mineral spirits to clean them of all oil and grease, then bead blasted them to prepare the surface for finish. We had read that a good parkerized surface will hold paint better, so we decided to park them.The [...]

Educational Zone #44 – Great Firearms – The Browning Hi Power

No doubt about it, John Browning was one of the best, if not The Best, firearms designers of all time.We will look at his 9mm marvel, the Browning Hi Power.Here’s our pistols. Mine is on top, with black rubber grips, and Tman’s is on bottom, with some very fine wood grips.Both are 100% reliable pistols and very accurate.In the old days of 6 shot revolvers, and 8 shot 1911s, the Browning Hi Power, with 14 [...]

Educational Zone #45 – Fixing Hammer Bite on a 1911

Some of you may be familiar with my recent refinishing of a couple of Sistema 1911 pistols. It turned out really nice and they are fine shooters.However, I tend to grip a 1911 “high” and this causes a problem with the original design of the 1911.Look at this pic.You can see that the hammer spur extends to the end of the grip safety. It doesn’t look too bad in that picture, but when we lock the slide [...]

Educational Zone #24 – Homemade Target Stand

Where I go shooting, the target stands are sometimes less than usable.I recently saw an article in gun rag about making a target stand out of PVC pipe, and made one for my self, with a few slight changes.If you don’t have a good stand, here’s a cheap, yet excellent stand, that can easily be transported to the range, even in a car trunk.First the parts: As you can see, it consists of 7 pieces of 1 1/2 inch, [...]
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