Educational Zone #101 – Met a Hero of Mine at the SHOT Show

I just got back from the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. It was a lot of fun and I walked about a hundred miles. I always enjoy looking at all the guns and stuff, but I will freely admit that I also enjoy looking for “celebrities” as I walk around the show. This year, we looked at a reproduction of a sniper rifle that is modeled after the sniper rifle used by Marine sniper Chuck Mawhinney in Vietnam. It is being made [...]

Educational Zone #4 – Vacation To Military Museums

My good buddy Tman and I like to visit military museums and gun collections. Tman’s wife hates museums, so she is glad for me to take him on these trips. First we visited the campus of Texas A&M University to see the gun collection at the Cadet Center. We had heard about it for years, but had never visited.This is Tman at the Sanders-Metzger gun collection.It was a great exhibit with lots of old guns. There [...]

Educational Zone #8 – 5.56 Military Ammo Accuracy

My friend Tman and I went to the range to test various types of 5.56 ammo.I used my DPMS Sweet Sixteen, with a 16 inch stainless heavy barrel, chrome bolt, Accuwedge, Leupold 6.5 X 20 X 50 scope, etc. It is a fine shooter as you will see in a moment.This is it. I fired 2 rounds to foul the barrel and then shot 8, five-shot groups, at 100 yards, as numbered below. There were no “called” flyers. Only one [...]