Educational Zone #76 – Interesting Firearms – The CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow

I have a friend that I met through The Box O’ Truthwho goes by the name Ubboto.He is a Police Officer in Bulgaria and is a fine fellow.He sent me some pictures of him and his friends shooting pistols and I was interested in his carry gun.He told me it was a CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow. I wanted one. I finally found one and ordered it. It arrived today and was everything I expected.Here it is. It is a 9mm semi-auto and [...]

Educational Zone #77 – Interesting Firearms – The Winchester .30-30 Rifle

In 1895, Winchester introduced the 1894 lever action rifle and the .30 WCF (Winchester Center Fire) Cartridge.This round became known as the .30-30 Winchester, the first .30 indicating caliber and the second 30 standing for 30 grains of a smokeless powder used in those days. The great John Browning designed this rifle.Over 7 million of these rifles have been sold. The .30-30 was the first commercial round to use the new [...]

Educational Zone #65 – Building a Black Powder Pistol

A while back, my friend Kikilee told me: “Here’s the deal. I have a new in the box, 30 year old (warranty card dated 1978), .45 cal, Philadelphia Derringer kit. This is one of those CVA build it yourself jobs. It even comes with 100 .45 cal lead balls. I will send this to you absolutely free, but, here is the catch, (you knew there was a catch) you must build it and after it is complete you have to take it [...]

Educational Zone #74 – The Five Sisters – Restoring Five M44 Mosin Rifles

Tman called me and told me that Centerfire Systems had an advertisement where we could buy 5 M44 rifles for $39.95 each.He said the ad said they were “battlefield pick-ups”, had never been arsenal restored, and were sold in “as is” condition. I said, “Well, sounds like a great project to me!” So, we placed the order and waited for the Brown Truck O’ Happiness.Tman called me in a [...]

Educational Zone #48 – Cleaning a Rifle Barrel

Today, we will discuss how to properly clean a high power rifle barrel.Just a word before we start… Recent installments about how to clean other firearms caused some confusion.I am demonstrating one way to clean a rifle barrel. This is the way I do it. It is not the only way, it is just one way. It works very well for me and has for many years. I will be cleaning a Mosin Nagant M-44. It is a C&R rifle, with a [...]

Educational Zone #49 – Cleaning & Lubricating an AR15 Rifle

Today we will be looking at how to clean and lubricate an AR15 rifle or carbine.Once again, let me begin by explaining that this is one way of doing this job. It is not the only way, just one way. It is the way I have cleaned them since 1971, when I got my first variant at Fort Polk. (BTW, that particular one was especially nice, as it had the lovely “Third” safety setting. )We went to the range this [...]

Educational Zone #50 – Cleaning & Lubricating an AK Rifle

I have had several folks ask me to do a post on cleaning and lubing an AK, so here goes. Before we even start, I will tell you that there are many folks that would tell you that it is not necessary to clean an AK. Tman had a friend that was in Viet Nam back in the 1970’s, and he said that they captured an old AK47 and some ammo. They shot it a bunch and put it in a locker for a couple of months. The ammo was [...]

Educational Zone #51 – Changing the Firing Pin Springs in C&R Rifles

I sure enjoy shooting my C&R rifles, especially with the cheap military surplus ammo. But some of this ammo is over 60 years old and the primers can be “hard”.We were experiencing a lot of hang-fires and a lot of no-fires. I begin to wonder if the old firing pin springs in the Lee Enfields and Mausers might be a part of the problem.So, I ordered some replacement springs from Brownell’s. The original [...]

Educational Zone #52 – Parkerizing a Sistema

When the Sistema pistols went through the system, I was able to acquire 2 of them and refinish them by painting them. They turned out really nice and are great shooters.I kept looking for another one, but they had dried up. I was disappointed.I had gone to Gander Mountain to ask my friend in the gun department if he thought they might get some more. He sadly told me that there were no more to be found.I walked away and [...]

Educational Zone #57 – Repairing a Split Stock

Last week we were shooting some C&R weapons.I was shooting my old Lithgow SMLE. Here’s a picture of it from a couple of years ago.As you can see, the wood didn’t match too well, but the metal was sound and it shot well.I fired a few magazines full and laid it on the bench.Tman said, “Look at that. Your stock has split.” And, sure enough, it had. It had never even shown a warning, but a crack [...]
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