Educational Zone #84 – Glock Perfection

In the early 1980’s, Gaston Glock, who had developed several products for use by the Austrian Military, decided to enter a competition for a new pistol. He had never actually developed a firearm before, but studied the problems and came up with a pistol that met or exceeded all requirements for the Austrian Army. This pistol was his seventeenth patent, and he labeled it the Glock 17. It was in 9mm and had a frame [...]

Educational Zone #86 – The Newton Rifle

I have a good friend named Vern, who once owned a motorcycle that was worn out and in need of repair. A neighbor told him that he wanted the bike and would he be interested in trading something for it. Vern asked what he had and he said, “I have an old rifle I’ll trade you for the bike.” A deal was done. Vern basically cleaned up the rifle and did not even shoot it for many years. But he did some [...]

Educational Zone #75 – Bedding a Rifle Stock

I had a couple of friends ask me how we bedded the rifle stocks on the M44 Mosin rifles I posted about. So I took a few pictures of how it was done today as I bedded a couple of rifles I needed to do.Bedding the action on these old rifles will usually tighten-up the grouping. The original channels in the stocks were often a little sloppy when done in war time conditions. Getting a tighter fit between the action and the [...]

Educational Zone #76 – Interesting Firearms – The CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow

I have a friend that I met through The Box O’ Truthwho goes by the name Ubboto.He is a Police Officer in Bulgaria and is a fine fellow.He sent me some pictures of him and his friends shooting pistols and I was interested in his carry gun.He told me it was a CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow. I wanted one. I finally found one and ordered it. It arrived today and was everything I expected.Here it is. It is a 9mm semi-auto and [...]

Educational Zone #77 – Interesting Firearms – The Winchester .30-30 Rifle

In 1895, Winchester introduced the 1894 lever action rifle and the .30 WCF (Winchester Center Fire) Cartridge.This round became known as the .30-30 Winchester, the first .30 indicating caliber and the second 30 standing for 30 grains of a smokeless powder used in those days. The great John Browning designed this rifle.Over 7 million of these rifles have been sold. The .30-30 was the first commercial round to use the new [...]
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