Educational Zone #10 – AK Vs. AR – Some Observations

Tman and I went to the range today and I brought an example of the two systems to shoot.I will make some observations regarding the systems, but probably not solve the debate. These are the rifles. The top rifle is my vintage AR-15 like the one I carried at Fort Polk in Basic Training back in 1970. The bottom rifle is a Maadi AK in 7.62 X 39. It has a Kvar stock, which is slightly longer than the original. FitMany find [...]

Educational Zone #109 – Product Evaluation – Bullsbag Shooting Rests – pt. 1

At the last SHOT Show, I looked at some Bullsbag shooting rests. I spoke with one of their reps and he told me about how the bags worked. He asked me if I would be interested in doing a product evaluation on the bags. I told him I would be glad to do so, but warned him that I would only tell the truth about what I saw. He assured me that was all he wanted. I received three different models of their bags, and will show [...]

Educational Zone #110 – Product Evaluation – Bullsbag Shooting Rests – pt. 2

In part one we looked at a couple of bags that can be used for rifles. In this one, we will be looking at a bag that is used for magazine-fed rifles and/or pistols. This is the X7 Bullsbag Advantage system. The “X7 Shooting Rest Complete SYSTEM (7 Bag Set) (Filled)”, costs $162.95. It weighs approximately 29 pounds when filled with cat litter. It has four smaller bags in the two sides, which are shorter rifle rests [...]
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