The Box O’ Truth #14 – Rifles, Shotguns, and Walls

In our last tests shooting walls, we tried to line up 4 walls that were 2 feet by 2 feet. It turned out that the 5.56 deviated so much from its course after the first wall, that it was almost impossible to hit the other walls to test penetration. So, we built bigger walls. These are 4 feet by 4 feet. They are normal 1/2 inch drywall or sheetrock, as it is called in some areas. We spaced the walls about 10 feet apart to [...]

The Box O’ Truth #15 – Fragmentation Armor

We’ve had a lot of interest in what would Level II Armour do to stop bullets. This is commonly called “Fragmentation Armour” and is designed to stop shell fragments. While not designed as an anti-bullet armour, we wondered what it would do. My old buddy DVDTracker, of LifeLibertyEtc, sent me some old Level II vests from the military, and said to give them a try. Here’s one of the used vests [...]

The Box O’ Truth #16 – Level IIIA Armor

A while back, my friend Michael contacted me, he said, “I am sending you some “shootpacks” (18″x18″) The one condition is that you not mention my name or the supplier. Because your setup is informal, they would not want to have their name connected with the testing since you don’t have a NIJ-certified laboratory setup. For your information, body armor material is designed to work when [...]

The Box O’ Truth #17 – I Hear You Knocking – Metal Doors

I have had some folks ask about metal covered doors and how they would stand up to bullets. So….to the range. This is the setup. Neighbor was throwing away a metal front door. It is standard construction around here, thin metal over a wood frame, with foam insulation inside. We set up a drywall wall panel behind it to see what would happen. Top left and right, 9 mm JHP. Bottom left .45ACP Federal Hydrashock and [...]

The Box O’ Truth #18 – Sight Off-Set

A recent thread on an online forum discussed the attributes of a Handgun vs. a Shotgun vs. a Rifle in home defense. Several advantages for each type of weapon were discussed. I’d like to expand on one of those of the rifle, i.e., increased accuracy potential. At Thunder Ranch in the Urban Rifle course, we were sent through the Terminator, a building with halls, rooms, and bad guy targets. The instructor held us by [...]

The Box O’ Truth #19 – The Water Box O’ Truth pt. 3: Rifle Rounds

I’ve had a few folks ask me to do some tests to see what rifle rounds did when fired into water. Mythbusters did something like this a while back, but I wasn’t satisfied with their methods. First, we went to Wallyworld and bought 24 gallons of water. We were afraid that we would start a rumor that another hurricane was on the way and a riot would ensue. But no problems. Rifles often penetrate further than [...]

The Box O’ Truth #20 – Buckshot Patterns

On a recent post about sight off-set, we discussed using 00 Buckshot at close range. My friend dport wrote me and said, “I believe that the new “Reduced recoil” loads will pattern smaller than what you shot. Also, I’ve heard that they pattern smaller at longer ranges. If I sent you some ammo, could you test it and see?” My answer: Sure! So, we compiled some different 00 Buckshot. We tried [...]

The Box O’ Truth #25 – Breaching Rounds

My friend Darkmage sent me a note asking, “Have you ever shot Breaching Rounds? How would they work as anti-personnel rounds? Would they be “safer” for use in a home?” Well, I didn’t know. But Darkmage offered to send me some rounds to test. He ordered them from The Sportsman’s Guide. They are listed as “military over-runs” and that’s what the package looked like. We [...]

The Box O’ Truth #26 – Little Guns vs. The Box O’ Truth

Many of us have, from time to time, carried small guns that are easy to conceal. If asked, we would justify it by saying, “A .32 in your hand is better than a .45 ACP in your safe.” But, as Clint Smith has observed, “I never met a man that had been in a gunfight and wished that he had a smaller gun. Ever.” But if we decide to carry a small gun so that we can more easily conceal it, how effective [...]

The Box O’ Truth #27 – Little Guns vs. The Box O’ Truth #2

As often happens, the Little Guns post presented us with some additional questions. We figured it was only appropriate to give it a follow-up to settle a few of them. Once again, we will be looking at small carry guns. There are sometimes called Back-Up Guns or BUGs for short. The main reason for their existence is simply the ease with which they can be concealed. I was disappointed with the results of the JHP in my P-32 [...]
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