Ammunition (colloquially shortened to ammo) is gunpowder and artillery, or broadly anything that can be used in combat including bombs, missiles, warheads, landmines, naval mines, and anti-personnel mines. The word comes from the French la munition which is all material used for war. The collective term for all types of ammunition is munitions.

Educational Zone #36 – Interesting Firearms – Saiga in 7.62 X 51

My old buddy Tman just completed a new project.He purchased a new Saiga rifle imported by Russian American Armory and manufactured by Izhmash of Russia and did some work on it. Here’s the rifle as he got it. Here it is after his modifications.As you can see, he moved the trigger forward, installed an Ace Galil grip and an ACE non folding stock. Here he is at the range this morning.It has a 20 round US made magazine [...]

Educational Zone #19 – Wolf .30 Carbine Ammo Evaluation

I enjoy shooting my .30 Carbine. It is a 50th Anniversary model made by Iver Johnson. It is a great shooter.The problem is that shooting .223 and 7.62 X 39 ammo, which is so cheap, makes feeding a .30 Carbine kind of painful. There just isn’t any cheap ammo available, at least not as cheap as for other rifles.Last Saturday at the Big Houston Gun Show, HoustonHusker and I were looking at ammo prices and I saw some [...]

Educational Zone #21 – Accuracy of AR15 Ammo

My friend Chapperjoe sent me a note asking if I would test some ammo that he had bought. Mainly, he was interested in the Guatemalan ammo that AIM Surplus had on sale, but he also had some other ammo to throw in the mix. He sent me a few rounds of each and we filled in with some stuff we were interested in.Then, off to the range.We had done a test on the accuracy of military spec ammo a while back.Here it is: Accuracy [...]

Educational Zone #22 – Great Firearms – Ruger 10-22

I own a fine .22 rifle, the Ruger 10-22.This is it. It is a heavy barreled, Hammer Forged, with a laminated stock.It is a great and very accurate shooter.The Hammer Forged barrel has a great crown and the exterior of the barrel has a “swirl” type finish. One of the secrets of accuracy with any rifle is to have a high quality scope.This is mine. It is a Leupold VARI-X II, 4 X 12 power, with adjustable [...]

Educational Zone #28 – Refinishing a US Savage Enfield Mk1 #4 SMLE

I recently obtained a US Savage Enfield Mk1 #4 SMLE from Phoenix Distributors for the good price of $124.00, through my C&R License.It arrived on the Brown Truck of Happiness. I opened the package like a kid on Christmas morning and removed my next project.Here it is. It was a little rough, but looked like it would clean up just fine. We had read that these rifles had been used in Turkey and it had about the ugliest [...]

Educational Zone #30 – The Smell of Cordite

If any of you have ever read British military history, they are always talking about the “smell of Cordite” on the battlefield. Some folks probably don’t even know what Cordite is.I recently bought a 550 round ammo can full of mixed WWII era .303 British ammo.Here it is. As you can see, it is a “mixed bag”, full of old, dusty, and sometimes corroded ammo.But it was cheap and it goes Bang [...]

Educational Zone #31 – 7.62 X 51 Military Ball Accuracy

Recently my friend Fxntime sent me a note and asked if I would test some 7.62 X 51 Military Ball like we did the 5.56 ammo a while back.He said he would send me an assortment of ammo to test if I was interested.I said, Sure. He sent me 9 different types of 7.62 X 51, mostly military ball. We were ready to go to the range.I will be shooting my Accuracy International AE. When I do my part, this is an exceptionally [...]

Educational Zone #18 – Shooting Wolf steel-cased Ammo in an AR15

Today’s Question: Does shooting Wolf ammo in an AR result in the “Lacquer” or “Poly” being deposited in the chamber, resulting in stuck cases?My buddy Tman and I do a lot of shooting. I had previously shot a lot of Wolf 5.56 ammo (steel cased) through my Model One uppers and had no problems whatsoever. But one day, I followed-up a session with a few rounds of South African ball. The first [...]

Educational Zone #170 – Testing Aguila .22 Competition Ammo

My good buddy Ted, recently was hunting some .22 ammo to shoot (like most of us nowadays), and ran across a brick of Aguila .22 Match ammo. It said right on the box, “For Competition”, and “The Best of Accuracy”. Here it is. Sounds like just the thing we need. Our “standard” of ultimate .22 accuracy has been Wolf Match Target, and it is some great stuff. But it, like most other .22 ammo has been a little hard [...]

Educational Zone #169 – Accuracy of Moly Coated Bullets

Well, winter is nearly over and it was finally nice enough to make a trip to the range this morning. I was recently given some “coins” in the ARFcoin Exchange Thread. I used mine to claim prize #9 which was two boxes of Nosler .224, 55 grain bullets that were donated by my friend NineLivez. He shipped them to me and here they are. These are some very nice bullets and I looked forward to trying the out in my Savage [...]
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