Ammo Caliber

In guns, particularly firearms, caliber or calibre is the approximate internal diameter of the barrel, or the diameter of the projectile it fires. In a rifled barrel, the distance is measured between opposing lands or grooves; groove measurements are common in cartridge designations originating in the United States, while land measurements are more common elsewhere. Good performance requires that a bullet closely match the groove diameter of a barrel to ensure a good seal. When the barrel diameter is given in inches, the abbreviation “cal” is used in place of “inches.” For example, a small bore rifle with a diameter of 0.22 inch is a .22 cal; however, the decimal point is generally dropped when spoken, making it “twenty-two caliber” or a “two-two caliber”. Calibers of firearms can be referred to in millimeters, as in a “caliber of eighty-eight millimeters” (88 mm) or “a hundred and five-millimeter caliber gun” (often abbreviated as “105 mm gun”).

The Box O’ Truth #7 – The Sands O’ Truth

Sand, in the form of sandbags, has been used by the military for many years. There are probably many reasons it is used, including the fact that sand is available and cheap (free), but it wouldn’t be used unless it worked. So, how well does it work? I could have just shot sand bags, but sand bags come in many forms and sizes. And, it would matter how they were stacked, end-wise, sideways, etc. But the main problem [...]

The Box O’ Truth #8 – The Rags O’ Truth

What are the effects to a bullet of passing through thick clothing before hitting a bad guy? Will that stop or slow down bullets considerably? Will it clog-up hollow points and prevent them from expanding? We have several inches of cloth clamped to a cardboard holder in the Box O’ Truth, just to keep it together. Then, a milk jug of water to catch the rounds that exit. Then three pine backer boards, in case the jug [...]

The Box O’ Truth #10 – The Water Box O’ Truth

Will thick and heavy clothing prevent a Jacketed Hollow Point from opening up as designed? We had tested some older bullet designs and they seemed to become “plugged-up” by the cloth and did not expand as we expected. Today, we are going to shoot some Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) ammo into some water jugs, both with cloth in front of the jugs and without the cloth. We will then see if various types of ammo [...]

The Box O’ Truth #11 – Spall Liner

My friends, Goodmedicine and his son MEAD, sent me some interesting material called “multi-ply Kevlar / thermoset resin laminate sheet”. This stuff is used as a “spall liner”. Here’s what we could find out about spall liner. “Recently, many manufacturers have added a spall liner to the inside of the armour, which is designed to absorb fragmentation (spallation) released from the impact [...]

The Box O’ Truth #12 – Insulated Walls

Since we started this project, many people have asked, “Why don’t you fill the walls with insulation before you shoot them? Maybe it would make a difference.” Well, the standard answer is, “Interior walls, at least here in Texas, are not insulated. Only exterior walls are insulated.” But…..who knows? Maybe it would make a difference. The question was also asked, “Would it make a [...]

The Box O’ Truth #13 – The Water Box O’ Truth pt. 2

Today, we are going to shoot some Jacketed Hollow Point ammo into some water jugs with cloth in front, to continue some research we started in the “Rags O’ Truth”. We will then see if various types of ammo expand as designed. Following some suggestions, this time we will have the clothing right up against the first jug, to better simulate the way clothing is worn. GaryM, and Dragracer_Art both were kind [...]

The Box O’ Truth #15 – Fragmentation Armor

We’ve had a lot of interest in what would Level II Armour do to stop bullets. This is commonly called “Fragmentation Armour” and is designed to stop shell fragments. While not designed as an anti-bullet armour, we wondered what it would do. My old buddy DVDTracker, of LifeLibertyEtc, sent me some old Level II vests from the military, and said to give them a try. Here’s one of the used vests [...]

The Box O’ Truth #14 – Rifles, Shotguns, and Walls

In our last tests shooting walls, we tried to line up 4 walls that were 2 feet by 2 feet. It turned out that the 5.56 deviated so much from its course after the first wall, that it was almost impossible to hit the other walls to test penetration. So, we built bigger walls. These are 4 feet by 4 feet. They are normal 1/2 inch drywall or sheetrock, as it is called in some areas. We spaced the walls about 10 feet apart to [...]

The Box O’ Truth #22 – 20 Gauge Shotgun

I have had several friends write me to ask, “My wife doesn’t like the recoil of a 12 gauge. How about a 20 Gauge for home defense?” Well, let’s see what we can determine. We will use the Waterbox O’ Truth to measure penetration. According to a recognized expert, DocGKR, “Be aware that water generally reveals the maximum upset which can occur to a projectile in soft tissue -your actual [...]

The Box O’ Truth #23 – ExtremeShock Ammo and the Box O’ Truth

I had some friends from the HS2000/XDTalk Forum contact me about some ammo they were interested in testing.My friend DJDan said that if I would be willing to test some, he would arrange for the purchase of the ammo.This ammo is expensive. This is a picture of what I received. That small pile cost $73.97 delivered to my door. (More on cost later.) The cost was paid by a group of guys on the XD forum that were interested [...]
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