Ammo Caliber

In guns, particularly firearms, caliber or calibre is the approximate internal diameter of the barrel, or the diameter of the projectile it fires. In a rifled barrel, the distance is measured between opposing lands or grooves; groove measurements are common in cartridge designations originating in the United States, while land measurements are more common elsewhere. Good performance requires that a bullet closely match the groove diameter of a barrel to ensure a good seal. When the barrel diameter is given in inches, the abbreviation “cal” is used in place of “inches.” For example, a small bore rifle with a diameter of 0.22 inch is a .22 cal; however, the decimal point is generally dropped when spoken, making it “twenty-two caliber” or a “two-two caliber”. Calibers of firearms can be referred to in millimeters, as in a “caliber of eighty-eight millimeters” (88 mm) or “a hundred and five-millimeter caliber gun” (often abbreviated as “105 mm gun”).

The Buick O’ Truth #7 – Engine

So what about the other sections of the car?Well, we shot those too.Here you will see a photo progression of the Buick O’ Truth taking a sound beating from an AR-15, beginning with the engine bay. Picture #2 Picture #3 Picture #4 Picture #5 Picture #6 And then the trunk area. Picture #2 The shots were concentrated around the wheel wells. The engine area of the vehicle did pretty well. The trunk area, however… [...]

The Buick O’ Truth #3 – Pistols and Car Doors

A lot of officers have been trained to conduct a high risk stop behind the “cover” of their door, leaving it open while they kneel behind it with their weapon drawn.This seems like a very logical tactic, but as you are about to see, it actually doesn’t work in the real world. Notice that the pictures are taken from farther away this time. This is a safety precaution.Shooting a car is a fun thing to do, [...]

The Buick O’ Truth #5 – Shotguns and Car Doors

So what about the ol’ reliable 12 guage shotgun? Well, we played with that too, using both buckshot and slugs.Again, notice that I captured the weapon cycling…  Let’s take a look at the door. Yet another one. And the result? The buckshot essentially performed like several slow 9mm rounds, penetrating a single door, but being stopped somewhere in the passenger.         The slugs [...]

The Buick O’ Truth #4 – Rifles and Car Doors

We have all either seen or heard about the North Hollywood shootout, leaving us to wonder what kind of cover a car offers against these. Well, let’s find out, shall we? First up, the AR15.Notice that I managed to snap a picture while the weapon was cycling…Pretty darn cool if you ask me! Next up, the .308 fired from a Bushmaster AR-10 clone. Three rounds were fired from each weapon into the rear [...]

The Buick O’ Truth #1 – Windshields Inside/Out

People often wonder and debate about cars and how they react to being shot with various types of weapons and ammunition. The best way to find out the answer to those various car-related shooting questions is to actually shoot some cars. First, let’s consider a situation sometimes faced by police officers, military personnel and even civilians.Shooting inside of a vehicle. Can it be done? What happens when you [...]

The Box O’ Truth #1 – The Original Box O’ Truth

This is the Box. Having some time for study of this fascinating sport, I built the “Box O’ Truth”. The purpose of the Box is to test the penetration of various rounds. People often say, “I think…”. “I suppose…”, “I bet…”, when discussing facts like penetration of ammunition. There is only one way to know how much a certain round penetrates. You must [...]

Educational Zone #8 – 5.56 Military Ammo Accuracy

My friend Tman and I went to the range to test various types of 5.56 ammo.I used my DPMS Sweet Sixteen, with a 16 inch stainless heavy barrel, chrome bolt, Accuwedge, Leupold 6.5 X 20 X 50 scope, etc. It is a fine shooter as you will see in a moment.This is it. I fired 2 rounds to foul the barrel and then shot 8, five-shot groups, at 100 yards, as numbered below. There were no “called” flyers. Only one [...]

Educational Zone #6 – Cheap 9mm Ammo Accuracy

A few days ago, Tman and I found some Blazer 9mm ammo cheap at Academy. We shot it, but felt that it might not be as accurate as we thought other ammo was. But, instead of depending on “feelings”, we decided to conduct a test.We brought our handloads and three cheap brands of 9mm ammo to the range.We shot my Glock 34, off of bags, at around 35-40 feet. Why not further? Because these 56 and 63 year old eyes [...]
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